Monday 16 April 2012

Sunny Glam......

Hello Loviessss,

How have you all been? People in Lagos would agree the weather has been so hot and sunny lately. The heat waves have been something else. 

I found some really fabulous, stylish sunglasses by Paul Smith to rock this season. 

Btw who says you can get same style for less ?*wink*. 




  1. these sunnies are hella dope! wudda been nice to see cheaper options for the chic on a budget. and yh, nice to see more posts from u stylfash, keep it up....

  2. Hi tokunborrr I feel you on the budget & I'm totally in support of styling for less :-) would do a post soon on less expensive sunnies options. But in the mean time pls feel free to use the ones featured here as ur inspiration when shopping for less... I do that sometimes *wink*. Tnx for stopping by...xoxo

  3. Yo i agree too with Tokunborr, coz a girl's gotta bro!!! lools. But i really do love the geek sunglasses.... stylefash pls hurry up with the new post, thanxx

  4. StyleFlash have always wanted 2 comment on your blog background, i absolutely heart it..... like an old french fashion house.

  5. Thanks anon 6.58am for loving the blog background....*kisses*. Thanks for stopping by xoxo.