Tuesday 4 December 2012

To wear or not to wear the ankle crop pants

Hello Loviessss,

Today we are blogging about a trend i love so much. Its classy, smart and effortlessly chic. Ankle crop pants are all the rave these days, but unfortunately they can go terribly wrong if you’re not careful because it isn't the most flattering for most figures! The key to this trend is in the hemline and the rise. Wear with show-stopping heels, eye-catching jewelry and statement handbags. Pairing with tops, a finely tailored shirt or structured blazer always works.

Here are a few tried and true tips for wearing the ankle cropped pants.

Your Height is a Factor: Now for my readers who are approximately 5’4″-5’7″ you can rock this look, but make sure you are wearing heels! For my tall ladies 5’8″ and up, heels or flats, this is a dream come true- a hemline you don’t have to worry about, they are meant to be short! Yay.

Below is picture to help you know your body proportion.

Think About Proportions: When wearing an ankle pant, you always want to keep in mind proportions. They cut off at your ankle, which will give the appearance of shortening your leg and they look unflattering on those that already have a shorter leg. AVOID your pant hitting you at the widest part of your calf.  It cuts you in a thick area...which will make you look...you got it..THICK.

Your Shape Matters: When hunting for that perfect ankle crop think about your shape. If you are curvy or pear-shaped, it is best to wear a pant that falls straight from the thigh. If you have a slim or athletic build, get a pant that hugs and tapers all the way down. This will give you more curves! When in doubt, the best shape for all body types is a straight leg.

Never Forget about the Rise: No matter what pant you are looking for never overlook the rise of the pant. Unless you are super slim you probably should not be going for a low-rise.

As always we have loads of pictures to help you dress this trend. Remember You ARE what you WEAR and your confidence matters.

Thank you for always reading.



  1. Love the last picture. The plus size lady is working the trend well.

  2. Love this post babe! i'm one of those people that love the ankle length pant but dread wearing it. this is really helpful. well done babes

  3. Olive Says...

    Love your blog cos there are always so many pictures to help learn how to dress any trend. I'll definitely be clicking on this post when i want to dress up in ankle pants. Another good one stylefash25

  4. Thanks darlings for your comments and stopping by. Zizi dressed i see you babes. xxx