Thursday, 13 December 2012

Glitter Glam

Hello Loviessss,

I'm so happy the holiday is almost here. Finally i get to rest mentally and physically...LOL. 
This season there are usually so many parties, shows etc to attend and i was thinking you cant go wrong with a bit of sparkle here and there to jazz up your outfit. 

The good thing about this trend is anyone can pull it off as long as you stick to the number one rule; keep the other half of your outfit simple and your accessories to a minimum.

Also remember sparkle works better at night but you can be bold and swing the really really subtle pieces during the day. 

So girl if you plan to sparkle, glitter, shine, dazzle, this holiday, remember confidence is all you need to pull off any trend and if you aren't feeling it, then this trend like any other, works for some people more than others.

We've put together a few mood boards just as guide to wearing this trend. Hope you like and find them helpful.

Thanks for always reading.


Photo Credit: Pinterest


  1. You nailed it with this post stylefash25. Love every mood board, its so difficult picking my favorite. I'm definitely inspired.

  2. Stylefash you are beyond fashinable girl!! i love this post and thankfully i have one or two "Glitterati" outfits *Happy dancing* and nail polish too :)

  3. Nice post stylefash, i really cant make a choice, all so lovely. However, id like to request that you make your pictures bolder/larger, as i had some trouble trying to see what some of the pieces were.

  4. Thank you all so much for your comments... Blushing LOL. @ Lamina, thank you for noting that, will definitely work on it. xoxo