Monday 10 December 2012

My Style 1

Hello loviessss,

Hope we had a restful and splendid weekend. I've gotten a few emails from my faithful readers asking what my style is and asking that i post pictures of me :-) I really hope in 2013 i overcome my shyness and put up pictures of me...hehehe.

Well my style is chic, vintage, elegante', classy, fun and simple... Ladylike. 
Lets just say i'll be happy to raid Audrey Hepburn's, Michelle Obama's, Jackie O's and Blair Waldorf's (from gossip girl)

Since i don't have pictures of me yet (i'm working on it) i've put together pictures of outfits, shoes and accessories i typically own and would be caught dead wearing.

Watch this space for 'My Style 2' with pictures of me me me *wink*

Thanks for always reading.


                                      Love Print blouses

 One of my favorite pieces, worn over a pair of skinny's, leggings or tucked into a pencil skirt or ankle pants

                          Love love this pleat color block skirt

                                          Magenta dress

                                I love this top. Its all in the detail

                                 Love this sleeveless jacket


      Love this breezy top. Worn over leggings & a tiny belt

                       Love everything about this skirt

The maxi skirt is one of my favorite pieces. You cant go wrong

                                     Love play dresses

               I'm so in love with these L.A.M.B shoes.

This embellish neck collar has done wonders for my wardrobe :-)

                   In love with the pyramid style earrings

                              Love this emerald neck piece


  1. Olive says...

    I always kind of figured your style was chic, classy and ladylike. Can't wait to see your actual pictures. Meanwhile I love the magenta dress. Please where can I get the embellished collar?

  2. Love your style.

  3. i'm almost always sad whenever i visit here. Coz these pieces are too beautiful not to own. I mean, see the optical illusion skirt with the orange add, the breezy top, all the jackets, the neck pieces, the shoes, the wrist watch??????? camman!! Chic or chiccccc?!!! heheee luckily 4 me i have almost the same kinda orange belt tho, so one thing to be happy about :)

  4. Wop...wop!!! can't wait to see posts of photos of you! I definitely know it would rock! nice one babes!