Tuesday 25 October 2011

Rocking the Star Print

Hello Loviesssss,

I know I'm blogging about this fashion trend a little late but i had to wait until i finished making my skirt so i could have pictures to put up. And trust me, between my day job & my sewing machine.....lol it took a while to have ready.

To be honest, when i saw the star print in Dolce & Gabbana's new collection i thought it might take a while to grow on me but almost immediately, a light bulb lit in my head and i remembered a fabric (Its called Hollandis- looks like the Ankara print) my mummy dearest gave me. 

There and then, i started thinking of how i could jazz the fabric up so it looks trendy. After all it has stars on it too :-) and everyone is so star obsessed. So i sat on my sewing machine and I'm totally happy and in love with my new skirt.

It might not be one of the D & G dresses :-) but its my mummy's fabric with a trendy twist. 

Out with the old, in with the new. What do you think? The buttons i sewed on, was a last minute addition...lol. Also i'm thinking of making the skirt shorter :-)


                 Ok, couldn't resist putting up this pic... Hot Hot Hot!!!!!

Thursday 13 October 2011

Architecture Vs Human Anatomy Inspired designs

Hello Loviessss,

Its so good to be back, I'm as fit as a fiddle now and my exams went very well. I have missed my blog life :-)

Now to today's post..... You know how you see some designs and you are left in awe of how creative the designer is but you really can't help but wonder how wearable some of the pieces are ???

While in london recently i came across some amazing pieces by a designer i'd never heard of - David Koma and i was blown away. 
He just graduated from Central Saint Martins last year–but I was immediately taken by his work. I love his architectural shapes and his ability to make strong, modern clothes without getting too crazy. 

I also came across pieces by a super talented fashion designer Yiqing Yin. Yiqing has been able to focus on creating some extraordinary pieces. Her obsessions seem to be evening dresses, couture and getting inspiration from the human anatomy. Not that she’s interested in science: instead, she reinterprets the body’s intricacy–the flex of muscles, sinews and tendons–in incredibly sexy ways, using ruching, draping and every other technique of the dressmaker’s art. And I loved it all! 

I also found a dress by Emanuel Ungaro and i totally loved the fabric..... 

While i realize the architectural shapes or human anatomy designs are not for every woman :-) i salute their creativity.

Hope you enjoy and appreciate each piece.


 David Koma's Architectural Piece(Now available at Harrods)

    Yiqing Yin (inspired by the Human Anatomy) 

Not sure about the model wearing the ruche dress (eyes rolling - too skinny)

             Emanuel Ungaro - Luv Luv the fabric
Photo source - Stephen Isreal

Thursday 6 October 2011

Out ill :(

Hello Loviessssss,

How have you been? Wanted to check in on you all, i've been ill for about a week, (btw I'm on a study leave/short holiday). Turns out i came here with malaria so studying has been difficult but I'm getting better. 

Thinking about my next two posts makes me excited and stronger....lol.  I'll be back to posting really really really soon :-)