Wednesday 7 September 2011

The Revolution....... Ankara!!!!!!

Hello Loviesss,

How have you been? Its been a very hectic 2 weeks for me but i thank God things are back to normal    :) :) :) :)

A few days ago, i was thinking about our local ankara print and how designers all over the world are embracing it and i couldn't help but smile. Its exciting times to be creating pieces made from ankara or wax print as the west like to call it :)

Everyone is wearing Ankara and print inspired pieces. It amost feels like an overkill but I'm loving it! It's the unleashing of African fashion  on the world...... First Lady, Michelle Obama landed in South Africa wearing a print jacket Nigerian Lawyer turned designer Duro Olowu (Love his designs so much, check out some of his designs from my blog archive on "The Rainbow is in this summer"), she also wore one of his african inspired dress on a dinner date with the President and even another on Oprah's show..Michelle loves Duro Olowu..that's for sure!

Spotted on Beyonce and Solange Knowles, Alicia Keys and tons of other celebs, Ankara/print wax fabrics are no doubt the rave of the moment. With the release of Burberry's Prorsum 2012 collection featuring Ankara, these are great times for African fashion afterall Burberry has always stood for tradition and heritage. 

What's interesting is the versatility of the print fabric. From Aldo Ankara (Forwood) shoes available at £65. I luv luv luv them, to ankara bags, clutch purses, earrings, head bands, bangles, bikini's...... and the list goes on.....phewwww!!!!

I personally love the color it adds to whatever skin tone or outfit.......

Looks like the ankara renaissance is here to stay, can't get enough of it. 



                                               Mrs. O in Jide Olowu print jacket

                                              Mrs. O in Jide Olowu dress

                                                Burberry's Prorsum 2012 collection

                                           Our own JBL i just love her designs

                                          Alicia rocking this short print dress

                           Luv, luv, luv beyonce's look and the scarf is on point

                                                       The ankara Basic Tee

                                                    Aldo (forwood) shoes

                                       Ankara accessories i adore. (Must have)

    My favorite. Love everything about this bag, the size, color, design, the damask print on the side


  1. WOW, WOW, WOW.... i'm so impressed at how creative people are with the ankara fabric. Its definitely here to stay. Love the ankara basic tee and the clutch purses. The earrings too look really nice. Love this post. Keep it up stylefash25. I'm getting addicted to your blog. Well done.

  2. WHAOOO! this ankara ishh is dope! am speechless.....i totally love michelle's shirt, beyonce looks fantastic! alica keys is rocking her dress...those shoes, d snickers........everything is just wow! i have my head spinning....simple awesome!! keep it up stylefash25, am too impressed!

  3. I was never a fan of ankara cos my tailors always messed up my fabrics. But i must say, after this post i think all i need is a good designer. All the styles here are absolutely gorgeous, wearable and funky. Please stlyefash25 do you have a good designer's contact? Thank you B-)

  4. Thank you all for your comments. Anonymous 8th sept, please send me an email and I would give you a couple of number. Xoxo

  5. omyyyyy i love your blog