Monday 30 July 2012

All you need this summer... Almost :-)

Hello Loviessss,

I trust you all had a restful and splendid weekend. Today we'll continue our posts on summer looks. 

We've put together pictures of some trends you can't go wrong wearing this summer. 



                                                           Rock the shorts suit 

                                                        The Ankle Strap heels

                                                The  sexy maxi dress


                                                        The Play dress

Bikini's (If you are small on top, notice the tassles on Riri's top? :-)...wink)

                                            The Strappy flat sandals

                                                     Pleated skirts in different colors

                                                Floral flats & Mini bags

                                                       Neon Blings

Photo Credit: Fashionbomb, instyle

Friday 27 July 2012

Scarf Print Fever

Hello Loviessss,

Today's post will be about the scarf print. I know I'm behind blogging about this trend. 
The scarf print has always been around, but it fades in and out depending on who is bastardising it or making it look fantastic :-)

What exactly is a scarf-print, you ask? Simply put, these are silky affairs featuring pretty prints-the kind you'd typically find on a scarf, hence the name-like a swirling paisley pattern or dreamy watercolor floral.

From Alberta Ferretti's - Etro - Zara - Topshop etc the scarf print comes in dresses, shorts, skirts, blouses.

Hope you like? 

Have a chic weekend


Picture 1: Karla's Closet

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Tales of the summer shorts...

Hello Loviessss,

How have you all been? I apologise for my slow posts in the past two weeks. I've had what you'd call the 'bloggers brain block'. I need to go away on holiday, away from all the hectic work schedule to clear my head, take fun pictures and get my groove back :-) Phewwww...

Its summer and summer fashion/glam inevitably means showing more skin and for many of us, this is a scary prospect! Shorts are often on the agenda, but it’s hard to know which styles work with our body types.

I'll take us through the different body types and what shorts work for you.

Thanks for always reading.


- Petite: If you are petite, go for shorter shorts that elongate your legs the more leg you show, the longer your legs look

-Long and lean: If you have very long and thin legs, you'll want to look for a roll-up or cuffed hem style short. They help break up the long line of your legs and create curves at the same time

-Full & Fabulous thighs: If you have heavier upper thighs, your best bet is a classic short. Make sure they are structured and straight from the thigh down. Avoid anything with visual interest, such as cargo pockets, pleats and embellishments they only add more volume to the area. Also pair with a long top or blazer

-Hourglass: This curvy shape can go one of two ways: Balance your body by not going too narrow in the leg, or go super-skinny and wear with heels for major impact

-Pear Shaped: A relaxed fit is best, and the length depends on your legs. Add a longer top or one that flares out a bit to balance body shape

-Curvy: If you have curves, go for a looser pair that is not as form fitting. Stay away from prints

-Leg shy: If you don't love your legs but still want to keep cool, I suggest wearing knee length shorts. They can be very figure flattering