Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Show Alert...

Hello Loviessss,

How have you all been? Today we would look at Givenchy Resort 2013 collection. 

This collection is certainly full of interesting print. The curling fingers of ornate patchwork paisley patterns adorn everything from silken harem pants and blouses, to floor-length column dresses. The pattern’s bohemian feels so edgy: razor-sharp tailoring and intense shots of red, black, and crisp whites.

We see they've taken quite a shine to the capelet, offering several versions attached to dresses, blouses, and jackets, adding a mysterious air.

I like... What do you think?

Thanks for always reading.



  1. Really edgy and intense. I love the bohemian feel to this collection. Another good one from Givenchy.

  2. Olive says

    The collection is okay too gothic for me though. Loving the knee high gladiators. Please stylefash any ideas where i can get affordable ones?

  3. Ewwwww!!! Call me boring, old, conservative, unadventurous, ANYTHING!!!! but i hate this collection. CAN NOT for the life of me see myself or even my enemies in any of these outfits. BLEH!!! *Pukes*

  4. lmaooo @ Dosu. but im totally with u on this one! this collection is tragic and ugly

  5. Hi everyone thank you for your comments.
    For affordable gladiators, your best bet would be the high street stores.