Sunday 31 August 2014


Hello My Lovliessss,

Hope you had a good weekend? I promised to bring pictures from my birthday but unfortunately, i didn't get round to taking any plus i told you it would be a quiet one. For some reason, it was such a busy monday at work and i don't know why i assumed my workload would miraculously reduce for my Anyways, i had fun because my friends surprised me and popped in to see me at work. Got loads of flowers, cakes and presents.
 So i thought my birthday was over on monday but i kept getting presents and cakes up until two days ago. My darling berry and her husband cakes surprised me with this gorgeous bouquet of cupcakes. Trust me, this picture doesn't do justice to how lovely they looked. It tasted so delicious too. Thank you Kessiena & Berry. Follow cakes @cakesiena to see more.
Meanwhile, i said to myself that my darling readers would think i have forgotten the giveaway i promised last month; i have finally gotten round to it. I wanted to get something really nice and also hadn't quite figured out what the criteria for winning would be. Anyways, I spotted this gorgeous, sexy wrap dress by Rukky Simone (my new love) @greyvelvet and thought it would be perfect. I really wish i had my mannequin at home just to show how lovely the dress really is.
All you have to do is leave a comment and your email address in the comment box, follow me on instagram @stylefash25 and you could be the winner of this lovely dress.

The winner would be selected through a random generator, and the giveaway is open for one week to readers in Lagos.

Thank you for always reading my lovliess, have a fabulous week ahead.

Sunday 24 August 2014

Birthday Girl... Forever 21

Hey My Loviessss,

How have you all been? Long time, i know i've been so behind on my posts. I would love to explain but guess what? IT'S MY BIRTHDAY and i know you would all forgive my sins today...LOL.
 So i woke up today feeling all happy, excited and thankful for the 25th of August. This is one day in the year dedicated to me. I remember my birthdays growing up; if it was a school day, mummy dearest would make sure i celebrate in school with all my classmates and if it was a weekend, there would definitely be a parry at home or somewhere sha. (God bless you in Heaven Mama). What i remember vividly and miss dearly was her coming into the bedroom really early, waking me up with the 'Happy birthday tooo youuuuu' song followed by her prayers.
Fast forward to recent years and as i get older, i just want to have a quiet birthday with loads and loads of presents sha...hhahaha. Oh well, lets see what the rest of the day brings. I would definitely be posting on instagram @stylefash25 and i'll probably do another post later in the week with more pictures. 
 So i was born with two strands of grey hair somewhere in the middle of my hair and i've never bothered with them until i woke up one morning 2 years ago and i saw one strand of grey hair staring at me around my edges. I said to myself, grey hair ke? what happened to my agreement with God to be forever I ran to show my baby sister and she just kept laughing saying old age has come
 Don't mind me jare, i just want to be a babe even when i'm (and i know there are teenagers out there already grey, so its definitely not an age thing). I am truly happy with the lady/woman i'm becoming and life can only get better. I cannot even begin to count my blessings, trust me, some blessings i'll count twice :-) 

Join me my lovies in thanking this my amazing Father, the King of Kings, Lord of lords, the Most High God and love of my life for preserving me and giving me another year to praise Him.  

Have an ama-zing week ahead and i'll send some cyber cake to you all.

Thanks for always reading lovies.

P.s the lovely fushia pants and striped top is by Ruki Simone. Got it at Grey Velvet and pvc shoes are max mara. 


Monday 4 August 2014

Bows in August

Hello Loviessss,

Happy New Month!!! Hope you all had a splendid weekend? I had a pretty good one half wishing there could be a repeat of the short holiday (if wishes were horses...).

Anyways i have been in a very happy mood because its my birthday month and there is so much to be thankful for. 
My mind drifted to my primary school days when we would form a big circle break time and sing the popular song "All those that are born in January...." I am not sure i knew the correct lyrics then because i used to say " All those that are born in August stand up stand up, ariya riya roses God bless you..."Hahaaha. Whatever ariya riya meant then only God knows...LOL.
Anyways, fast forward to today and thank God for my friend google, i searched childhood songs and i almost passed out from laughing; remembering the songs we used to sing then and also the correct

Well if you went to primary school in Nigeria, you would remember the following songs:
- Who stole the meat from the cooking pot, number 1 stole the meat from the cooking pot who me? Yes you, it couldn't be, then who?
- Sanda lily sanda lily which i later found out was- standard living standard
- Oh my home, oh my home when shall i see my home (ireti give us food o) ...hahaha
- Old roger is dead and gone to his grave...hahahaha
and the list continues.
While I am sure the children of today would have their own moments i doubt they'll have as much fun compared to what we had then *Just Saying*
 So i have tagged August my month of celebration because God has promised me there would be something to celebrate in my life everyday in this month of August. 
 On to my outfit of the day, i am wearing a white Oasis crop jacket with tiny bow and gold button details on the sleeves and pockets, cobalt blue skirt and my very comfy RL shoes - old.
In other news, i need a holiday badly, I honestly can't wait to go away and just rest. Excuse my slightly irritated left eye, i woke up this morning and noticed it was a bit dark, this usually happens when my body needs time out. Thankfully its not very obvious in the pictures.

Have a fabulous week ahead lovies and if there songs you remember from your childhood? Lets read them in the comment box, i am sure we would all have a good laugh.

Thanks for always reading.