Sunday 24 November 2013

Fun Weekend Part 1

Hello Loviessss,

So this weekend was really fun packed because my flat mate in Uni Di came in with her daughter fifi (my god daughter) from England and it was way too much fun. She told me she had heard so much about the lekki leisure lake and we decided that we would try it for our day out.

I read about lekki leisure lake first on sisi yemmi's blog and i thought it looked like a really nice spot but i also assumed it would be on the outskirts of lekki; like towards Akodo beach resort. 
To my greatest surprise, when i was reading her very detailed review and the map she put on her blog, i realized it was just by the 2nd roundabout in lekki. Literarily 2 minutes drive from my house. Seriously!!! 2 minutes and i've always wondered what to do on my free saturdays...smh shaking my head for my

Anyways, we had a late start to the day because it had rained earlier so we got there about 4ish. We also found out when we got there that Tiwa Savage's wedding was taking place next door at The Ark. We thought we would bump into some celebs but i guess they were already inside when we arrived.

Anyhoo, we headed inside the venue and the fun began. There was the Jet Ski, Quad Bikes, good music and food. 

 I was going to wear a pair of shorts and a top but changed my mind at the last minute and decided to wear my palm leaves print jumpsuit because i wasn't planning on doing any extreme sport until...hehe.

 Di & I

 Di, Tiwalade & Fifi

 My god daughter (yes, i am a proud god Fifi

 Di came prepared, she changed and was ready to Jet ski.

 Di & I doing our Uni Pose :-D

 After making up my mind to jet ski. All kitted up, wearing my life jacket.

 Instructions from the life guard.

 Tiwalade the stunner. She wasn't scared at all

 I am sure you are wondering if i really jet ski'd...haha. I promise i left this spot. I was so scared mehn!!!

 Fifi baby

Hope you enjoyed the pictures? Watch this space for Part 2.

Thanks for always reading lovies.

Have a blessed and fabulous week ahead.


Thursday 21 November 2013

Quick Post

Hello Loviessss,

So this is one really quick post. 

I've had this in my draft for a bit but wasn't sure if i wanted this to be my denim on denim post; but since i haven't sorted out  finding better picture locations (not the awkward office or bribed some people more (you know ya sef yourselves) to take better pictures of me, i have to manage these ones i thought would never see the light of day. But no worries, i'll do a proper denim on denim post really soon.

Anyways, have yourselves a fabulous friday and weekend ahead.

Thanks for always reading lovies.


Quote Of the Day: The Dream is free... The Hustle is SOLD separately.

Sunday 17 November 2013

The Greatest Gift

Hello Loviessss,

How was your weekend?

Mine was quiet, went to the gym on saturday morning then was in and out of sleep while watching Come Dine with Me :-)
Had an amazing service in church and my Pastor preached on Love. He talked about how not showing love to one another or being bitter can hinder blessings, favor and healing in our lives. Sometimes, some messages have to be preached over and over again so they become a part of us.

Anyways, i wore this outfit on thursday and as you can see, i am still rocking my protective weave. 

I've had the cream floral top for over two years, and worn it just twice (Don't know why because it's such a pretty top). I think i styled it first with a pair of skinny jeans and in this post, i decided to dress it up a bit with a blazer and my blue PVC suede cap toe pumps.

I ended up at Cafe Maison in Lekki Phase 1 for a meeting. It was my second time there and it was nice and quiet; the kind of environment i love having my after work meetings.
I had a Mojito Tea and i really enjoyed it. 


Blazer: Gifted
Top: H&M - Old
Pants: Mexx
Shoes: Moschino

I wish you a fabulous week ahead and remember to show someone some love this week because that is the greatest gift.

Quote of the Day
For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal Life - John 3:16

 Love the menu of the day on the little boards. 

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Dress Top & The Toll Gate

Hello Loviessss,

How is your week coming? Mine has been pretty busy because I've been working on a project for next year and i am only able to get about 3-4 hours sleep most nights. Good bye to my beauty sleep for now :-(

I woke up really late on monday and couldn't quite figure out what to wear so i settled for this part scarf print dress and i styled it as a top. I realized i have so many short dresses i've bought over time but haven't gotten round to wearing them in over a year; i have decided to wear them as tops. Saves me money sef :-)

 Anyways i shut down about 6ish and headed for a short meeting/drinks with a friend at some really nice place in Victoria Island. I honestly don't remember what the place is called. I loved everything about the pool side. It had this calming ambience and trust me to beg for picture taking...hehe. To be honest, i dress up most days planning to do an outfit post but i don't really go to exciting places during the week because of work so i have to settle for my usual office background. I plan to change all that soon :-) watch this space; stylefash coming with a bang...LOL.

Anyways, the meeting ended and I left about 7.30ish. I was blasting music and shaking my head to the rhythm when i got to the lekki toll and met the usual traffic. Those Ajah bus drivers need deliverance honestly; shunting queues and driving recklessly. 
So i was just 3 cars away from paying my toll fare when i brought out my purse to get out money. Ahn ahn i opened the purse and didn't see a dime. I put on the inner light in my car and searched my bag thoroughly and still couldn't find money. By this time, it was my turn to pay and i was still searching for money all over. Remaining for me to use torch light to look for this money o. I checked every part of the car because i normally leave change around but i didn't even find N50. (Meanwhile the toll fare is N150).

Hmm wahala for me... You can imagine all the cars behind me were horning non stop at this point. Chei i very quickly reduced the loud music and told the toll attendant my predicament and he said there was nothing he could do that i had to reverse and make a U-turn. I was thinking is this guy okay? Can he see the mad traffic behind? I asked if they had a POS so i could pay my N150 jeje and the guy burst out laughing. I almost asked if i could write them a cheque sef. I asked the guy if i looked like someone who would deliberately not have toll fare on me. And the guy said "Aunty them no dey write am for face, many young fine girls like you pass here with the same story everyday and will start forming like they are searching their bags for money. Do you know how many i have helped to pay? How much is my salary ehn aunty? Abeg you have to pay or reverse". I was so embarrassed.

Thankfully the LR4 behind me hadn't reversed and one nice bros came down and asked if i had a problem with my car and i smiled sheepishly saying "No sir, i can't find money in my purse to pay for the toll fare".
He smiled and gave the guy N500 for both our cars. God bless you where ever you are good samaritan bros.
So yours truly got home and i have made it a point of duty to hide N500 somewhere in my car because i think Bashiru the security guard who also doubles as car wash man has been helping himself with my change i normally leave lying around in the car.

Thanks for always reading lovies.


Sunday 10 November 2013

The Pencil Work Dress Inspiration

Hello Loviesssss,

I got an email from one of my dear readers asking me to do a post on how to wear the pencil dress to work without a blazer and also how to incorporate colors to it.

Well i've put together ten looks, jazzing it up a little :-)

Remember, this is just a guide; you can style it differently by toning it down if your office isn't too liberal with colors.

What do you think?

Thanks for always reading.


Sunday 3 November 2013

Fun Day Out.

Hello Loviessss,

Hope you all had a splendid weekend? Well mine was pretty interesting. I was nursing a flu early/mid week but felt better by friday. I guess my motivation to recover quickly was the amazing deal Berrydakarabexcoox & i (The Power Puff Girls) got at Spa Solazz in Victoria Island for a Massage, Facials & Pedicure.

Anyways we met up at Berry's at 11.30 am and just generally played around for about 30 minutes before setting out. We had to go without make up because we were going to get facials. 

Well below are the pictures from the day out.


Warning: Picture Overload :-D

 Me, spotting my fro

 Bex in her pretty dress

 Berry & her gorgeous hair

 Power Puff Girls Faffing around

 After our Massage, Facials & Pedicure at Spa Solazz. We all looked so sleepy

We had planned to do sandwiches at Cactus restaurant but eventually settled for Bogobiri in Ikoyi because we were starving and wanted proper food. It is such an amazing place and has the whole African arts inspired theme.

 We found the lovely graffiti wall and you can imagine we knocked ourselves out taking pictures.

 Berry & I

 Berry & Bex


 This really scared me, don't know why

 Entrance into the restaurant. Ekabo means Welcome in Yoruba.

 Berry & I

 We were starving when we got in, we dived for the bowl of peanuts. Best believe that peanut bowl was full...LOL

 Berry about to make her order

 I had grilled fish & chips, Bex had Goat Meat Curry & Chips, Berry had Jollof rice & chicken Peri-Per

Good Bye Bogobiri.

Thanks for always reading lovies & have an amazing and fruitful week ahead.