Monday 26 May 2014

Earth Tones + Late Post

Hello My Loviessss,

How have you all been? From the bottom of my heart, i apologize for staying away for one whole week. One day very soon, i shall be my own boss and 'control' my time.

So today's post is a quick one because i have a boring meeting in the next hour and i need to go prep for it.

For my outfit today, i woke up completely brain blocked about what to wear this morning. I remembered this earth tone top i bought randomly from the mango store at the Palms Lekki and this lovely Dorothy Perkins skirt that can do me no wrong. Love the midi length, the slight cling and the print is just absolutely lovely. I also threw on my champagne pearls to complete the earth tone look. What do you think? 

 Remember how i said in my last post that i'll try and do more fun stuff? Well Berry ( invited me for the magazine launch of Savvy & Chic. She told me last minute as usual(don't know why she does that; very and she knows i would not have moved an inch if i hadn't made a promise hangout and do more fun stuff. 
I met some bloggers and hmm i honestly do not know why fellow fashion bloggers 'form'. How do you explain being happy and excited to meet a fellow fashion blogger and the person just acts all cold. Oh well maybe i was too Its just blogging, you aren't a celebrity or anything haba. Anyways let me keep my mouth shut cos its not my blog style to talk about people. 

The event was quite nice, berry and i left early so i didn't have too many pictures. And oh, there was a theme; that explains why chloe of chloemakeovers is all dressed up.

Meanwhile i was in my office sometime last week, guess who walked in? the kokomaster I had a meeting with him and didn't even know he was the one i was meeting because all along, i had his real name in my filofax and not Dbanj. The meeting went really well and
trust me to famz, take pictures and do groupie of life after we signed the deal. Even my boss was all smiles. Dbanj is actually a very serious minded business man, no jokes at all when he signs And very humble too.

Thanks for always reading my lovies. Got to run off now for my meeting.


Monday 12 May 2014

Peaches and Floral + Thoughts on Wealth Creation

Hello Loviesssss,

So i just realized this last weekend that i have been living a very boring life for the past 2-3 months. I haven't had any fun outing, i have been focused on just work and it isn't funny at all. 
What i have also come to realize is whatever you do not create time for you would never have time for. 
So i have decided that there are certain things i must create time for no matter how busy i am. 

The list looks very dry sef. 

- I would try and go to the movies once every 2 weeks

- Do more window shopping in lagos; i have been so focused on shopping whenever i travel that i have almost missed out on a lot of fabulous designers we have. I've visited Grey Velvet and Le'space a few times and i haven't been disappointed in the things i bought from them.

- There is a new resort i heard about - The Omu Resort at Epe, i plan to go there this month and just shut everyone out.

- Call my friend PJ of theservicecritic and do my tag along when she goes restaurant critiquing. 

- Make sure Berry, Bex and i have our fun hangout.

- Make sure i go back to the gym and make my routine consistent.

- Make sure i get my 2 weeks leave approved at work. I need a proper vacay before i bite someone's head off at work.

- Do a comprehensive business plan for my business.

So i woke up a little gloomy this morning and after my prayers, i thought to myself nothing a bright colored skirt and floral print blouse won't fix..hehehe. It worked, cos i am in a much happier mood.
That reminds me, i was thinking recently about Dre and how he has joined the league of Billionaires globally by getting $3 Billion for Beats. Chei derisss God ooooo....LOL.
Everyone has been saying how lucky he is. Well unfortunately i do not believe in luck. 

I have come to a conclusion that Wealth is created in the past.

Every successful person you see out there today has spent time sowing seeds in the past. No one saw the days when Dre had the vision for the business, the sleepless nights he had just trying to birth the idea and all the hustle.

If you want to be successful at anything, start sowing the seeds today. 

I was talking to my friend Ngozi of dressed about how we haven't seen each other or chatted in a while and she told me she has been so busy with putting her online fashion store together and trying to push her brand out there on various online platforms. When her business booms in future, no one would know all the hard work she has put in.

The day you had the that Bankable and Investable Idea in your head and actually started taking baby steps, gathering information about the business, getting your business plan done, looking for investors if necessary, starting small from the boot of your car or displaying your items on your BBM profile picture is the day you created wealth.

I wish us all the best in all our endeavors, I am off to start creating my own wealth.

Have a fabulous week ahead my lovies.


Monday 5 May 2014

My Make up Purse + OOTD

Hello Loviesss,

How are you today? so this past weekend was meant to be really fun, i was supposed to hangout with my friends Berry & Bex on saturday but got terrible food poisoning and couldn't go out that night. It's been so difficult coming together because of how busy our schedules have been lately but we made up our minds we would make this night out happen; but alas, i spoilt it with my food poisoning. So sorry my loves.

So before the whole health drama, i left the house on a mission to buy a nice concealer for under my eyes because i noticed really dark circles since i started wearing my glasses frequently.

 Anyways i went to House of Tara (Lovely place and very nice and relaxing ambience) and i had a mini makeover. Mini because i think you have to pay to get a proper one done. I am no make up guru and any time i even remotely try to do my make up 'properly' i end up looking like weelii-weelii; remember my make up of life in my hair post?...LOL.

I enjoyed the experience and the lady who did my makeover was really good. Though i ended up spending more than i planned to and still looked like i had little or no make up on :-( perhaps i expect too much from this make up thing sef. 
Anyways, i liked my look because i learnt some new tricks and i can make it my everyday look.

What do you think?

I got the concealer or corrector as they called it, Sunscreen pressed powder, foundation, Pink lip stain gloss, lip pencil and maybelline kajhal.
Oh, my nice Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Rose perfume was a gift from my darling big sis.
 For my outfit of the day, i kept things simple in a nice blush pink peplum top with bow detail paired with a black skirt and pumps and black Mcqueen bag.

Thanks for always reading lovies, have a fabulous week.