Wednesday 30 January 2013

Thinking about double denim?

Hello Loviesssss,

This is one post i have been planning to do for a while, i am glad i've finally gotten round to it.

I love the look of the double denim ensemble. It can range anywhere from classic and all-American to edgy and eclectic.

To get you in gear to give this look a try, I've come up with a couple of style tips that will have you mixing and matching denim like a professional in no time:

1. Two-Toned: One of the most important things to know about wearing denim head-to-toe is that your shades of blue don't have to match. In fact, I think it keeps the look more interesting when lighter denim is paired with a darker wash. Throw on a pair of lighter boyfriend jeans, a basic tee, and a dark denim jacket for a two-toned look that will actually appear fashionably put together.

2. Distressed & Clean: Similar to trying a two-toned denim look, mixing distressed pieces with cleaner cuts is another way to rock the trend. Combine your go-to skinnies with a distressed chambray shirt (buttoned all the way up and tucked in) for a cool spin on this classic look.

3. Element of surprise: Don't limit your style by thinking that denim pieces can only come in the form of basic tops and bottoms. Fashion forecasts have shown everything from knee-length blue jean pencil skirts to denim designer handbags. Make the most of the trend this season by layering a collared chambray shirt under a plaid sweater or throwing a denim vest over a sweater dress.

4. Try the double denim ensemble in other colors.

Finally, if you feel the above rules are difficult to follow, just make sure the colors always contrast and never match.

As always, we have loads of pictures to help you style this trend.

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 Photo Credit: Pinterest, tumblr

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Love Paul Smith's Women's S/S 2013 Collection

Hello Loviesssss,

I was meant to put this post up sometime last year but didn't get round to. 

I will always adore the styling & use of color when it comes to paul smith's designs and the S/S 2013 womenswear collection was no different. 

Once again Paul Smith delivered a stunning collection comprised of predominately masculine elements but laced with just the right amount of femininity through both it’s fabrication and form. 

The vivid colour palette comprised of pillar box red, scarlet, sunflower yellow, ochre, ink, forest green, olive, teal, ivory, grey and nude, while the primary focus was on the softening of “grown up” androgynous elements and an easy to wear, youthful style, with printed satin shirts coupled with panelled loose trousers, ankle length dresses, slit, pleated and colour blocked in a patchwork style with highlighted v necks, elongated satin blazers both colour and material blocked coupled with shorts, horizontal striped leggings, wonderfully tailored silk suits and  slip on flats or colourful ankle strapped stilettos.

Hope you love as much i do.


Photo Credit: chiraph Patel

Tuesday 22 January 2013

And the Gentleman Returns - The Pocket Square

Hello Loviessss,

Anyone who knows me well would tell you about my love for men's fashion. In today's post, we would be talking about a trend that says "I’m a guy who knows how to dress". 

Handkerchiefs can be made of cotton, cotton-synthetic blend, synthetic fabric, silk, or linen. When used as an accessory to a suit, a handkerchief is known as a pocket square.

Pocket squares make a difference, elevating the guy into a new level of sartorialism

The trend is known as “pocket squares”, "pocket handkerchiefs" “pochettes” or “hanks” 

Whether you are wearing a bow tie or a silk necktie, pocket squares add elegance and sophistication that harmonizes exceptionally well with your formal attire.

Nowadays pocket squares are a common fashion accessory throughout the world.It has become the mark of the GENTLEMAN. Whether you are invitied for a black tie event calling for a tuxedo and bow tie, or have a business meeting that requres a suit and tie, the pocket square adds elegance to your look.

Nevertheless, only few men choose to wear a pocket square, not because they don’t want to, but typically they don’t know how to match one, how to fold the pocket square, how to combine colors, or they simply don’t know what a pocket square can do for your outfit. 

A pocket square should not match your tie, although there may be some correspondence between the colours,”  when it comes to pocket squares, there is only really one inviolable law: “It’s not meant to look like a bunch of flowers bursting from your chest.

As always we have loads of pictures for you. Thanks for always reading.


Photo Credit: Freshwall street