Tuesday 22 January 2013

And the Gentleman Returns - The Pocket Square

Hello Loviessss,

Anyone who knows me well would tell you about my love for men's fashion. In today's post, we would be talking about a trend that says "I’m a guy who knows how to dress". 

Handkerchiefs can be made of cotton, cotton-synthetic blend, synthetic fabric, silk, or linen. When used as an accessory to a suit, a handkerchief is known as a pocket square.

Pocket squares make a difference, elevating the guy into a new level of sartorialism

The trend is known as “pocket squares”, "pocket handkerchiefs" “pochettes” or “hanks” 

Whether you are wearing a bow tie or a silk necktie, pocket squares add elegance and sophistication that harmonizes exceptionally well with your formal attire.

Nowadays pocket squares are a common fashion accessory throughout the world.It has become the mark of the GENTLEMAN. Whether you are invitied for a black tie event calling for a tuxedo and bow tie, or have a business meeting that requres a suit and tie, the pocket square adds elegance to your look.

Nevertheless, only few men choose to wear a pocket square, not because they don’t want to, but typically they don’t know how to match one, how to fold the pocket square, how to combine colors, or they simply don’t know what a pocket square can do for your outfit. 

A pocket square should not match your tie, although there may be some correspondence between the colours,”  when it comes to pocket squares, there is only really one inviolable law: “It’s not meant to look like a bunch of flowers bursting from your chest.

As always we have loads of pictures for you. Thanks for always reading.


Photo Credit: Freshwall street


  1. I need my BF to see this post... Mehn i'm loving all the pictures. You are so correct about guys wanting to rock this look but don't know how to. This is an amazing guide. Between the nigerian guy is hot!!! Well done stylefash25.

  2. love this. nice post

  3. lovely! my boyfriend should really be here. Is the bald guy like a designer or model or what? he is ROCKING the pocket square very appropriately.

    1. Hey Lovie, LOL...He is just a guy that understands fashion. Thanks for always reading. xoxo

  4. Olive Says...
    Happy new year stylefash25 :-)

    I personally think pocket squares look sexy when a guy wears it right. It makes the guy look confident and jazzes up even the simplest ensemble. Please guys should really visit this page to see how to wear the pocket square. Thumbs upon this post.

  5. That Black or Nigerian man, na wa o!! He is rocking it even better than the oyinbos, very nice and educative post Stylefash. thanks once again.

  6. The black guy is dope. Love how he rocks the pocket squares so effortlessly. I hope guys come to this page to learn.