Thursday 29 November 2012

Act, think, play & dress like a Lady

Hello Loviessss, 

Today's post is inspired by the 40's & 50's fashion; The Ladylike trend. 

Characterized by waist cinching dresses, pencil skirts, pussy-bow blouses, peplums worn with pointed toe shoes, and high-waisted trousers – It is all about flaunting the female figure. 
Usually described as classy, prim and proper; modest and elegant, the LADYLIKE trend is the embodiment of sultry sophistication. 

Audrey Hepburn is most famous for wearing this trend and more recently First Lady Michelle Obama.
This trend is also common amongst celebrities from Beyonce to actresses Carey Mulligan,  Singer Taylor Swift etc.

The modern look is done with graphic prints and embellished materials making it fresh. 

We've put together a few easy ways to pull off this look.

- Choose a bubble shape.

- Look for a shape that’s nice and structured, but with some feminine details, like the pretty bows. That way, the dress can work for the office as well as for cocktail parties and weddings.

- Take the Circle Skirt for a Spin. Not every figure can pull off a pencil skirt or a mini. But thanks to its amazing lower-body camouflaging, a full skirt is beautiful on everyone. Just make sure to balance the look with a simple, close-fitting top.

- Accessorize with a scarf.

- Accessorize with pearls, belts.

- Tie on a bow blouse. A billowy tie-neck top looks fresh, skims over curves, and feels as easy as your go-to button-down.

- Go corset inspired.

- Embrace strategic draping. True, the cut may seem formfitting, but the little center knot on this refined pick does a whole lot to conceal any hint of a pooch.

- Don't shy away from sparkle, sequins. 

- Try some sheer bits.

- Fake an hour glass.

- Hello curves. Accent your rear.

- Try skinny trousers.

- Do ruffles

As always we have loads of pictures. Thanks for always reading.


             Audrey Hepburn in a lovely cinched waist dress

                                     The bubble shape


                         The peplum look very ladylike

                                   Circle bubble skirt

                                     Tie on bow blouse

                   Draping to conceal any hint of pouch

                                            Girly Pleats

           Beyonce in Alexander Mcqueen bell sleeve dress

                          Lovely skinny pants and heels

                                          Ruffle dresses

                                    Ladylike nail polish

                               Accessorize with a scarf

Photo Credit: Pinterest, Bezalel and Oholiab

Friday 23 November 2012

Figure Flattering Fashion - Straight & Boyish? Create your curves

Hello Loviessss,

Hope the week has been good to you? TGIF :-)

Our team has decided to start something new called FFF - Figure flattering fashion. We'll try our best to show you how to flatter your different body parts you think are problem areas. So from being busty-hippy-tall-skinny-petite-plus size to wearing the right colors we'll have the right look for you.

Today's FFF post is on creating curves for ladies who have straight shapes or a boyish figure. As usual we have loads of pictures and we hope you find them helpful.

Thanks for always reading.

Stay Chic


 The leopard print pencil skirt instantly amplifies your figure

                     For the tall slim lady this look is fabulous 

 The sequined dress helps reflect the light and your slender body will instantly look more voluptuous and curvy

 For a fuller shape—a ruffled, flouncy blouse in a bold color will instantly amplify even the flattest of chests. Adding flirty details (like ruffles or bows) are always the easiest way to add volume.

               The color block play dress is a must have

 If you're straight and slender, say yes to this stylish shape. A peplum waist (dresses, jackets, and tops) will create hourglass curves without any extra bulk.  It gives extra flare & adds the right amount of figure-flattering volume.

Colored Jeans instantly brightens and creates the illusion of volume

         Horizontal lines and patterns add curves to your  body

                                     Opt for layered clothing. 

The tail jacket instantly creates curves in the right area *wink*

Miranda Kerr's wears prints in different styles to help amplify and create curves