Monday, 19 November 2012

Layered Necklaces

Hello Loviessss,

Today post is about statement accessories and our focus is on layered necklaces. This trend still managed to preserve their well-deserved top position in the accessory trends. 

A layered  necklace is a piece jewelry worn around the neck that is made up of several strands of beads, chain, or even ribbon. There are many different styles of layered  necklace. Some necklaces have all of their strands fastened together at the ends with the same clasp, while others consist of separate necklaces that can be mixed and matched depending on the outfit. Typically three strands are worn in a triple layered  necklace, but anywhere from two to dozens of strands can be worn as well. Wearing multiple necklaces  has been the fashion across many time periods and in various cultures.

Determining the length of the layers is key. It comes as one very long chain that you can work with to create your desired look. Add a couple of shorter crystal embellished chains for a look with a glamorous edge that’s perfect for a night out.

Remember to keep other jewellery simple and let the layered necklace be your focal piece. 

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  1. my favorite is the last piece-GORGEOUS!!! Please is KEri Hilson bleaching or what? why does she look like a ghost in that pic? Plus, she drowned that neckpiece with the dress #justmytwopence

  2. I love the last piece too it would instantly jazz up your outfit. I agree with you i think Keri's neck piece would have looked better if the outfit was plain. Thanks for your comment and always reading kisses xxx