Monday, 5 November 2012

Celebrity Style Crush - V. Beckham

Hello Loviessss,

Hope we all had a restful weekend? 

Today we'll be blogging about our celebrity style crush for the week -English born singer-songwriter, dancer, model, actress, fashion designer and businesswoman - Victoria Beckham

We would describe her style as super fashionable, gorgeous, and sexy. (Between she doesn't look so skinny anymore thanks to baby Harper).

Yes we all know the fashionista hardly smiles, but let’s focus on what she does have and that is most definitely style!!! 

Having her own fashion line, a husband, and four children you would expect her to slip up from time to time and with good reason, but all the times we've seen Mrs.Beckham, not once has she ever looked out of place. Well done VB.




  1. madam fash or whatever you call yourself, if you had even just a child you would know that its not possible to look like V. Beckam all the time unless of course you have an army of helpers to manage your children and home while you spend your day dressing up.

  2. @ Anon 07:09 why are u soo sad??? were u blinded 2 the part where stylefash said we should focus on what VB does well and that's style??
    Pls dont come here and justify that foolish mentality that coz y'all have children u should come out looking like a mad monkey.
    Appreciate VB's style or not and move the hell on and stop being soo damn angry all the time.

  3. Victoria Beckham is such a style star. I marvel at her ability to strut in those heels all d time and even sometimes with a baby or 4 kids in tow! She should learn to flash a smile once in a while though, there's no war.
    @Anon 07:09: You must be a very sad retard to have attacked the blogger the way you did. Seems you know her personally, you are obviously jealous of her and I am certain you lead a very depressed life in a sagged, out-of-shape body, with a cheating husband to go with it (Since you are the most experienced 'mother of many nations', i want to believe you have a 'man' with taste low enough to have married you). Yes, VB has an army of domestic staff, is that a sin?
    Pls, this blog is tooo classy for your type, so run along now to Linda Ikeji/Ladun's blogs where other sad souls like you are waiting to spew hateful comments at each other.