Monday 29 April 2013

Orange Therapy

Hello Loviesssss,

Hope we all had a good and restful weekend? Went for a vigil in my church on friday so i spent most of saturday in bed. 

I'm sure i've mentioned in some of my outfit posts that i can wear pretty much any color to work as long as it isn't neon :-)

Anyways i wore this outfit to work sometime and didn't remember to take pictures till i got back home so my make up had disappeared and i looked tired.

This orange blazer i've had for almost 4 years and still fits perfectly and jazzes up my look anytime i wear.

I always recommend you own a bright colored jacket for days you need something to brighten up your look.

Thanks for always reading.


Quote of the Day: There is no better styling tip than knowing who you are and owning it.

Blazer: Zara
Top: Ann Taylor
Pants: Gap
Shoes: BCBG's
Bag: Dolce & Gabbana

Monday 22 April 2013

On a Quest for a Perfect Meal - Borrowed

Hello Loviessss,

Hope the weekend was great? I was meant to do this post last week but work got the better part of me.

So two weekends ago i met up with my darling friend Peju who I haven't seen in ages. We were both close to tears when we finally got to see each other. Work and Lagos generally has a way of making you forget the important things and people who you've shared good times and not so good times with.  

She is an amazing entrepreneur  who inspires me so much. She runs a successful catering/bakery business; I Luv Desserts, has a blog and also an amazing wife and mother of two. Well done girl. 

Her blog is centered around reviewing restaurants, hotels, spas, and scoring them on layout, ambience, quality of food, customer service, value for money etc. 

Anyways she invited me on one of her journeys on a quest for a perfect meal. 
We both couldn't decide whether we wanted to splurge or save on the meal but we finally thought to go 'in between' and we ended up at Talindoes on Karimu Ikotun off Akin-Adesola Victoria Island Lagos.

We had Chicken alla parmingiani with mashed potatoes and pasta arabiatta.

I am not the food critic but i learnt a lot from her and below is my score card


Layout/Ambience/Aesthetics- 8

Quality of Food-8

Customer Service-9

Value for Money-8

The only downside for me was their POS wasn't working so we had to leave and find the nearest ATM to withdraw cash before eating. 

Please check out her blog-

Thanks for always reading.


Quote of the Day: Do not pay attention to everything people say or you may hear your servants cursing you... 
Ecclesiates 7:21

Thursday 18 April 2013

We Love Blazer Dresses

Hello Loviessss,

Today we will be blogging about one of fashions favorite; The Blazer Dress. This is one trend that originated from the menswear fashion and like most of the trends from the men, its ever so stylish. 

Like is said in one of my previous post "BOY MEETS GIRL" Menswear dressing isn’t for everyone, and designers have offered alternatives for those that want to get on board the trend without sacrificing their femininity. 

From Kim K, Chrissy Teigen, Miley Cyrus to Gywneth Paltrow, all have been seen spotting the blazer dress. 

For the purpose of this post, I have categorized them into four parts.

- The really short blazer dress - Worn alone
- Floral, print or sequin long blazers - Worn over short dresses
- The stylish blazer dresses -  Has a touch of femininity, asymmetrical & usually cinched around the waist for definition.
- Structured Blazer Dresses - Usually longer in length, structured but still retains the blazer lapel.

Would you be wearing the blazer dress? Hope this post guides you on how to wear this trend.

Thanks for always reading.


Quote of the Day: You can't live a positive life with a negative mind. 

Blazer Dresses worn alone

 Love this stripped one so much

Floral, Sequins or Print Blazer Dresses

Stylish Blazer Dresses

Structured Blazer Dresses

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Thursday 11 April 2013

Wine Tales

Hello Loviessss, 

How have you all been? Its been a week of meetings, meetings and more meetings, but thank God its almost over.

Today's post is a really quick outfit post because i have this report with a deadline to submit to the boss man at the top.

 I've had this lovely skirt for a while and i must say its a hit anytime i wear it. Love the color block at the bottom. The top i love so much because of its embellished detailed collar. 
The bag is one of my favorites and i am sure in its next life, it wont come my way...LOL

Top: French Connection
Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
Bag: Versace

Thanks for always reading.

P.S. My colleague took these pictures with his lovely camera and i noticed some bright effects.


Quote of the Day: The physical side of  beauty is just a small part of what makes a lady truly beautiful.

Friday 5 April 2013

In Love again - My New Sunnies

Hello Loviesssss,

Thank God the weekend is here. Easter made friday come really quick :-)

I had been planning on getting new sunnies for a while now, kind of got bored with the old ones. I am one of those people who believe in getting or investing in a really good pair of sunglasses not just as a fashion statement but for proper protection from the terrible sun these days. It might cost a bit, but in the long run its well worth it.

Anyhoo, i wanted to get the Katy Perry or Dita Von Teese cat eyed look and i saw a couple that were close but this Balmain baby stole my heart. Not too cat eyed shaped but just enough to give me that look. 

Its chocolate brown, got these studs around it giving it the edgy look but still has the chic sexy shape i wanted. 

It costs anywhere between $350-$450 but thanks to one of my favorite people in the world, i got it as a gift.  

But hey, you could get similar ones for a lot less *wink*.

BTW, i had a domestic accident during the easter break; was frying chicken in a frying pan and hot oil spilled all over my left hand OMG i have never experienced the kind of pain i did when it happened. It felt like my hand was on fire. To think this happened because i was just too lazy to change the oil in my deep fryer *covers face in shame*. 

I really thank God because it could have been worse. The lesson for me is that i must make Heaven ooooo because hell is not an option with the non stop burning feeling i felt for 2 days...LOL.

Have a fabulous weekend and stay chic.

Thanks for always reading.


Quote of the Day: Why should you continue going after your dreams? Because the look of people who said you couldn't would be priceless.