Monday 29 September 2014

Red & Lace

Hello My Lovliesss,

How have you all been? Sorry for the long hiatus; as they say, it was due to circumstances beyond my control.

So i had the shortest stint ever with red hair; I have never been a team natural or team perm person. Like i always say "its just hair" but damn, i never know how to style my hair and it can be frustrating sometimes. I must have complained about 100 times to berry & bex.
I woke up one day and was so so so bored with my hair and i decided to color it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with coloring your hair but not when you aren't sure about what color to get :-) My sisters were convinced i was going through some sort of mid-life 

I set out to dye it honey-blonde or chestnut but ended up with red that should have been wine/ Now you see how confused i was???.

Anyways i had the color on for just one week but i didn't like all the attention i got. (Everyone loved it though). I am one very shy person (hard to believe right) so anything that would cause unnecessary attention is definitely not for me. I'm sure you are wondering how i thought i could hide with my red

On to today's post jare, remember the champagne guipure fabric i bought a few months ago? Oh well, i made it into a nice lace skirt and i love it so much.
Paired it with a simple black top, champagne pearls and PVC shoes.

 What do you think?
Thanks for always reading lovlies, have a blessed fabulous week ahead.

Quote of the week: Everything you pray for, you must prepare for.



  1. i think your hair is lovely:) and the outfit glamorous...
    I can that skirt combined with Red to match your hair:)
    How are you really doing Fash???

    1. Thanks Ugo dearie, i am doing well. I wouldn't have survived any other red item on Hugs xxx

  2. Nice outfit. I told you to keep the red hurrs!

  3. Your hair is gorgeous and so is the skirt!

  4. i love this look, am also going natural too lol

  5. www.eniwealth79.blogspot.com30 September 2014 at 05:08

    I remember the lace! Turned out nice. I closed one eye unconsciously when I first saw a picture of your hair on IG. It screamed, ''here's to a new me, be ready y'all!'' LOL. But I liked it and was hoping to see more pictures of how you would be styling it. Lovely outfit as usual.

  6. You did a nice job on the skirt, very good color. And your natural hair is cool too. I locked mine when I got fed up of styling it every morning. :)