Monday 26 September 2011

Man Style i Heart - 1

Hello loviessss,

I'm sure we all had a splendid weekend :-) 

I'm really excited about today's post because i've always wanted to feature this It took a lot of psyching before he allowed me put up his pictures.

We have a couple of men with style we would love to feature so watch this space....... Trust me, these men have added extra to dapper......

Nothing excites me more than seeing a man who understands fashion & understands how the combination of well curated personal accessories can take a tailored look from stiff and corporate to playful and expressive. Nobody knows this better than my uncle dearest. My first 'Man Style i heart'....

He’s one of the best I’ve met at accessorizing a tailored look with creativity and self expression.

You don’t have to break the rules, but you can certainly bend them, at every opportunity… At some point you get to a place where stripes, checks and polka dots cross paths…and it doesn't look so bad.

Here, he shows us how to wear a tailored look with a punch of personality, easy casuals, shoes & accessories that speak in other

I also added a few pics of him wearing trad :-)

The pictures would do the rest of the talking. Enjoy.



                      Not for the faint hearted, luv the colored neckerchief

                The man, his socks & his shoes... Eyes on this pic

                                           Tigers Eyes & the eye

                                                Trad Sturvs

Wednesday 21 September 2011

'Marry Rich' :-)

Hello Loviessss, 

Drifting away from fashion today :-) 

A few days ago, I was trying to buy my ticket online for my trip to Greece and one of those sites popped up on my screen "How to land a rich man" by and i couldn't stop laughing and of course i clicked it :) :) From upgrading your hangout spots - Signing up as a volunteer in NGO's - Going for sporting events like golf, polo, tennis tournaments - Crashing bashes - Getting involved with politics, the list was endless. It cracked me up big time. 

I remembered that just last week, i heard my kid sister's friend talking about how she plans to marry a rich man. And by rich she means a man who earns $300k a year and at least $1M in investments. Its no small task but she's determined and she has some time because she's only 22
Hmmm ... I think only a 22 year-old could have sounded like that. Sure, I admire her brazen honesty and there is some truth to some of what she said. Money DOES make a huge difference in terms of comfort and overall happiness. 

She also said  "You see, marrying rich isn’t about draping myself in diamonds, It’s about being able to protect myself and my family from whatever expenses the world may throw at us: medical issues, legal problems, retirement. And in doing that, I will still be able to live in comfort, to give my children every advantage, and to seize opportunities like travel, investments, and first class tickets but without incurring debt or sacrificing the basics in favor of the luxurious".

These are all good points. But let's also recall that one doesn't need to be "rich" to do those things. Just comfortable. On the other hand, this was clearly said by someone who has a lot to learn about the world :-)
Hmmm.. I remember my very good friend calling me about a month ago wailing seriously about how sad she has been since she got married 9 months ago. I asked her what the issue was and she complained bitterly about her hubby and how he was not who she thought he was. Huh (my eyebrows are raised at this point). Wont bore you with the details of her complaints.... 

I allowed my mind drift to one year ago (they dated for 3 months & got married) when she met this very rich, 'nice' guy and how excited we both were. She went on about how rich he was, how lovely his house was, all she had to do was move in with her suitcases, his Range Rover, LR4, C-class et all. I had to slow her down and ask if we weren't missing something - I thought all these were a bit odd coming from a 27 year old (who has experienced as many heartbreaks & aches as i I assumed we had gone past the stage of material stuff being the ishhh.. 

Please don't get me wrong, i know all she mentioned above are important but i couldn't help but wonder why she was wailing so much - then it struck me, she married for the wrong reasons. But who i'm i to judge, i had to be the good friend and console her, told her it was just a phase and this too shall pass. (BTW i was almost tempted to remind her of my fears and all the objections i raised but i knew better than to do that). 

This seems to be a common theme among ladies in their early - mid 20s who are looking for mates. They have an idea of this perfect person with very specific pieces (like number of zeroes in his bank account!). As they age, one hopes they start to recognize that those things aren't nearly as important as more general qualities -- Passion, kindness,  and yes intelligence.

Wanting to marry for money isn't so horrible. But refusing to bend on the specifics guarantees a life of poverty either financially or emotionally. Make sure you are getting married for the right reasons. 

For my sister's friend, i had to give her a little big sister pep talk but hey its up to her. I say good luck to her, she'll need it.

I hope you find this interesting, Lets hear your views, comments.


Saturday 17 September 2011

ARISE Made in Africa Fashion Show 2011

Hello Loviesss,

Yep its the ARISE Made in Africa fashion show 2011. OMG i was blown away by most of the designers collections.  We have list of our favorite picks.... *wink*

From Bunmi Koko's array of different shades of blue and a sudden transition into a pop of yellow and yep the colour blocking and mid length flare pants made our day. 

Then to Tsemaye's collection- had a lot of neutrals and whispering hues; baby pink, white & grey. Evident in his collection also was some 70's & 90's influence in the boxy tops & hipster pants. I would like to call his collection minimal & chic.

To one of my favorites of the show - Asibelua - Never have I seen tye&dye, pie-chart printed ankara, snake print & jersey all in one collection and very well executed. An array of slouchy blouses paired with just-under-knee shorts, embellished tunics with chiffon hemlines, slouchy kaftans , different sized check printed fabrics paired with yellow paneling. It was monochrome and then it was yellow or orange. She has definitely given the go ahead to pair checks and tye&dye fabrics.

LDA had a lot to deliver in this collection. It was mainly about the fusion of unexpected fabrics at LDA’s show, we particularly loved the colour-clashing underlay of silk with lace, we did spot some hard fabric which we assume is aso-oke made into pieces finished with exaggerated floral detailing; we were absolutely in awe on the couture-esque sheath blouse paired with straight maxi skirt.

JBL had beautiful designs as usual. Its was almost like we were back in the 50's, she schooled us all the way back to the old times. We also loved the 'Nigerian Men' hats. We spotted effortless tailored  silk numbers paired with fabrics that appeared like an artist had used a brush to put strokes on. It was a palette of colours – yellow, orange and blue being prominent.

Now enough of story telling- Pictures, pictures & more pictures. Warning- Beware of picture overload, i haven't figured out the 'view more pictures when you continue' button :(

Enjoy xoxo.

                                             Bunmi Koko S/S 2012 Collection

Tsemaye S/S 2012 Collection

                                                         Asibelua S/S 2012 Collection

                                                         LDA S/S 2012 Collection

                                                         JBL S/S 2012 Collection