Thursday 15 December 2011

Top Qualities Women Look for in Men

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Before i get carried away, we promised we would do a post on the concluding part of the topic from last week.  It’s the turn of the women today, lets find out what they desire in their men (in no particular order) :-) 

Meanwhile, There's a very important question at the end of today's post. Lets hear you thoughts, opinions, views etc. 

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Capable to Protect:  According to women we spoke with they want to know their partner will be able to protect them physically in times of danger or trouble.  One lady put it like this, “it’s not that we are weak or something,  it’s just a matter of feeling and knowing that he is there willing and capable of defending and protecting me at all costs, gives us women a little more peace of mind.”

Be Honest:  This is high up on the list and is a must for guys.  When I say honest I mean being honest about everything.  If your partner asks you ‘Do you like my hair’ a response could be ‘I like it but I preferred it when it was longer or shorter.’  When you are honest about everything you will get a reputation for being honest and you will get more respect and gain trust a lot quicker from her.  If you are found out with one lie then the trust will be withdrawn and its always so difficult to regain.

A Get up and go:  Women don’t like men who have no motivation to do anything with their lives.  They want a man who has passion and has goals in life and has got the motivation to follow up their dreams to the conclusive end.

Trusting:  Believe in your wife/girlfriend, supporting and encouraging her in every step of her upward climb in life.

Sense of Humor: This one obviously depends on each couple as everybody has a different sense of humour but women like men who can make them laugh.  That’s not to say you have to be like Clint the Drunk or Robin Williams, just someone who has a sense of humour and exercises it often.

Reliability: This is another high up on women’s list.  You’ve got to be reliable if you want your partner to stick with you for the long term.  If she has an evening meal planned for you and you promised you’ll be home by 7pm and you come strolling in at 8pm, this is not being reliable.  Yes, work is important but more important is the woman who loves you enough to prepare a special and made an effort on a Friday night.

Commitment: An absolute must for any long term relationship.  If you are not committed then there will always be that little doubt in the back of her mind asking if you are really serious about the relationship and at what part would you just opt and go.

Respect:  There’s no question of this, if you disrespect her you may as well throw the relationship out of the window right now.  It’s not only respect for her but its respect for yourself as well.  If you let people walk all over you then you are not respecting yourself and this is a turn off for women.

In Tune with Her Feelings:  For the old fashioned man out there one of the main things you were missing was the ability to stay in tune with your partners feelings.  If you are attuned to your partner’s feelings then it shows respect, caring and love.  That does not mean allowing your woman to walk all over you. No! It just means you are in touch with her, and you know how to handle the emotions, upsets and excitement etc.

Attractiveness: This is something you are born with and it’s also something that is very subjective.  Everyone has an attractive feature about them and rest assured someone will be attracted to you because of it.  However if you let yourself go and don’t really care about yourself, you’ll be dropped like a hot potato, because it may reflect on her on the long run.

Assertiveness: Woman can stand up for themselves very well but they still like a man to be assertive as well.  Women don’t like weak men, so grow a pair and stand up for yourself and your wife.

Faithfulness:  Shouldn’t even have to be said here, because it should come naturally, but so many men think they can get away with being unfaithful and it should not affect their women.  You will never be respected once you’ve been unfaithful and there is absolutely no excuse for it.

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Tuesday 6 December 2011

Top Qualities Men Look for in Women

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Its been an extremely busy period for me, i apologize my posts have not been regular. I salute all the bloggers out there who are very regular with their posts. It takes a lot. 

Now to todays post, i was talking with a close friend recently  and she was lamenting on how its been so hard for her to please her man and how she's almost breaking her back to make the relationship work. 

In my opinion,  its not about you pleasing your man or lady alone, we all have good and not so good qualities, but there are universal qualities that men and women look for in their partners. I know keeping a relationship or marriage is a lot of work, but it should not get to a point where you are almost killing yourself. Both parties should be willing to work at it and have fun at the same time. We should never feel anyone is doing us a favor by being in the relationship.

Every man is different and wants different things in his woman. Moreover, what he wants depends on what he is looking for at the time.

After a lot of research, i decided to post a little write up i found in Thisday magazine on qualities a man looks for in his woman and qualities a woman looks for in her man. It’s in no particular order, as it varies from man to man.

Lets know if you agree with these qualities, feel free to also add any more qualities you think we've left out in your comments. 

Ps. We would do a sequel on what women look for in their men.

I hope you enjoy it. 


Honest and Loyal
Of course this is high up on the list and is a must for guys. Men want a woman who does not lie and will be loyal to him. He needs to have the assurance that she will not be flirting with his friend, the minute he leaves the room. So, the obvious traits they look for in women are faithfulness and reliability. They want someone who will stand by their side no matter what.
Looking at the number of breakups and divorces due to infidelity, (If you are found out with one lie then the trust will disappear and it will be hard to gain back) it’s no surprise that this quality is highly looked for in girls.

Mature and Well-Spoken (Well-groomed)
Mostly men like women who are mature, talk sense and remain feminine. She should be able to have a normal conversation that does not only involve clothes and makeup. She should be interesting and not too loud.
Most guys also like girls with nice hair; it’s less about appearance and more about being well-groomed. No one would like a girl who does not maintain personal hygiene. In addition, a healthy girl with a fit body is more attractive to guys.

Men like their women to be confident, someone who enters a room walking tall and makes eye contact and is found to be attractive. Women who are confident about their looks and abilities are easier to be around with, than those who need constant affirmation.
It’s nice to have your girl lean on you for support with her insecurities once in a while, but someone who needs constant support can be a little annoying.

Men look for supportive women, particularly when they are interested in a long-term relationship. The support of his girl is very important.
He wants someone who will listen to him, without making fun of him or putting him down. Someone who will give him objective advice and make him look good in front of others.

Independence is an attractive trait to most men, they like women who have their own life. While, it can be nice to receive attention from a girl, someone whose life revolves around her guy will be way too clingy. Guys need attention and care but at the same time they need their space.
They are more likely to date a girl who has her own set of friends and hangs out with them. But, at the same time, men like being providers and need a woman to be dependent on them to an extent, to remind them that they are needed.

Men most definitely like women who care for them and make little efforts to show them their concern. Small gestures like cooking for him, ironing a shirt, asking him if he’s had lunch or a quick kiss when he’s feeling low are highly appreciated.
Men feel nice when they know their girl is paying attention to them, noticing small things and taking care of his needs. But, at the same time they like getting their space, so women should refrain from overdoing it.

Guys want an understanding girl, someone who isn’tconstantly cribbing. She should accept her guy the way he is and be willing to make minor adjustments. Moreover, while opposites may attract, men want women to respect his beliefs and preferably share his likes and dislikes.
A girl who nags a guy beyond reason is a huge turn-off. Guys look for a woman who can support and appreciate them.

Good Sense of Humor
No one wants to be with someone who has a dull personality and is always serious. Guys want a girl who can laugh at their jokes, herself at times say something funny and enjoy herself.
They don’t want someone who is always negative about everything and finds it difficult to enjoy herself. Girls with a cheery disposition and positive outlook are attractive to men.

Easy Going
Guys look for girls who are easy going, an uptight person is not really liked by men. ‘The girl next door’ is most preferred when they intend to have a serious relationship. A girl they can take home to meet their family and a girl they can have a good time with.
Men look for women who can let go, someone who isn’t afraid of messing up her makeup, who is laid back and easy to please.