Monday 27 May 2013

Accessories to the Rescue

Hello Loviesssss, 

Happy children's day to all the wonderful children out there. I got this very funny broadcast on my blackberry this morning and i couldn't stop laughing; " If you are over 30 years and living with your parents and still eating their food, happy children's day to you"- hahahaaha.
I am someone's child o and i don't know why i have to be in the office today; not fair at all *Sad face*

So this weekend wasn't even funny at all, i spent saturday looking for sheri mangoes to buy. Anyone who knows me would tell you about my love for that particular type of mango.  I sent Adamu the security man to Oniru market and further down sef and he couldn't get. I cannot be begin to explain the sadness i felt. What would it cost them to just sell sheri mangoes ehn? I have gone to the extent of making an appointment for this evening with two mango sellers so wish me luck... Hahahahaha. Yes i know i am crazy... LOL. Abi Is it a crime for someone to love sheri mangoes as much as i do?

Anyways i decided to tidy my closet on saturday evening and i found this fabric; an aso-ebi (A tradition in Africa where the family celebrating chooses a fabric to be worn by everyone at the function). I was supposed to wear it for a friend's father's funeral over 1 year ago but i travelled then so the fabric had been lying in my closet. I was hoping to do some sura the tailor moves but as i sat on my bed watching Come Dine With Me, i knew sewing anything that night would be in my dreams. 
So i decided there and then that i would just tie the Iro/wrapper on a nice top and jazz it up with some accessories.

Black Chiffon Top with Lace Detail: River Island
Ankara Fabric: Elegance veritable wax
Neck Piece: Accessorize
Wristwatch: MK
Bag: Vivienne Westwood (Old)
Red Suede Shoes: Autograph-Marks & Spencer (Old)

Quote of the Day: Courage is the angel that makes the difference between a good life and a great life.

Thanks for always reading.

Stay Chic.


Thursday 23 May 2013

StyleFashionista of the Day - Harrie

Hello Loviessss,

I am so excited about today's post because i am featuring one of my favorite bloggers; Harrie of missblizzers. 

I started following her blog a while ago and realized we had so much in common especially how effortless and chic her style is. Did i mention i am totally in love with her natural hair. 

She has encouraged me without knowing it on the blog journey and for me, Harrie isn't just another blogger, I call her my blog twin.

Without further ado, i present to you Harrie

1. Name & Blog name: Hey ya I am Harrie from

2. Where are you from originally & where are you live presently: I am from a beautiful town in Cameroon called Limbe but I also call Oslo -Norway home.

3. What inspires your style or what makes your style unique: My style is mostly inspired by my environment,the people I meet and other style bloggers, you gotta give these women (style bloggers) kuddos ,they are doing an amazing job ..Much respect for them. My style is unique because whatever thing I do,I try to make it mine,fits it into my personality,mostly simple ,never overdone,style is democratic,so ladies,let your voices be heard .Be you..Do You.

4. Ladylike or tomboyish: Definitely Ladylike

5. Who takes your blog pictures? Friends and mostly my mum.

6. What's the most expensive or cheapest item you ever purchased and were they worth it: The most expensive item in my closet is a gucci suit I purchased awhile back,I still dont know what came over

7. Are you a foodie & what's your favorite food: A proud yes from me lol.. This sister loves her a good meal. Hard to choose though,but if I had to,I ll say kidney beans and rice with lots of beef lol 

8. Pumps or Wedges: Pumps kinda girl though I love the comfort I get from wedges

9. What' your favorite item in your closet today: A difficult one but I ll say my recently purchased leopard coat from H&M ,it vamps up every outfit.

 10. Any regrets about going natural: I love my natural hair, going natural was one of the best decisions I made 2years ago. My only regret is I wish I'd gone natural earlier ,would have saved me alot of self inflicted damage on my hair and confidence.

11. Favorite Vacay destination: Normally I would say Hawaai, but since I like visiting new places,Santorini Greece seems more Like it for me now.

Thanks for always reading.

Stay Chic


Please check and follow her blog on, facebook name : missblizzers.

Monday 20 May 2013

And the Oscars goes to Stylefash25

Hello Loviesssss,

And the Oscars goes to Dancing Alingazonto (combination of alingo & azonto).
*OMG i jeesst kent believe it. Cat-walking out, waving, batting eyelids, looking for my speech i've taken time to write out thanking everyone who has contributed to my success and errrrrmmmm back to reality*.... Hehehehe.
So stylefash has been nominated for the Liebster blog award thanks to my new blog sister (Yes i am claiming her)
Hard to believe because this blog started with strictly style tips and it took me over one year to finally summon the courage to post pictures of me. Now i am a baddoooo pro LOL. 

This award is very important o because i always wondered how one even gets nominated and i used to say to myself one day sha they'll notice this blog....Hahaha. The only thing is the criteria for this award is a very serious some thing. From listing random facts about yourself - nominating eleven other bloggers with less than 200-300 followers, the list is long but it is well, i must win this award...LOL. 

So lets go win this...

Source: Berry Dakara

1. Thank the blogger that nominated you - Thank you

2. List 11 random facts about yourself

- I love shopping for my self and people
- I would have loved to be a Nurse or Lawyer
- I love cooking
- I sew really well
- I have a huge crush on Barack Obama
- I play dress up
- I love when a guy wears pocket squares
- I get easily addicted to TV series 
- I love working out 
- Love caring for my natural hair
- I am addicted to natural hair blogs

3. Answer the questions posted by the blogger who nominated you

What would you be if you were:
an ingredient/food? 
- Tesco Chocolate Malted Buscuit? 
- A sexy siren
an item of clothing? 
- Lace lingerie
a book? 
- A Vintage book on Style
a color? 
- Champagne
a song? 
- Any of Kenny G's Jazz tunes
an animal? 
- An Eagle.
a month? 
- August
a place? 
- Majorca Spain
- Jasmine/Rose
a word? 

4. Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200-300 followere*this is actually the hardest*

The Service Criticng
Wura's Secret Hair
Styled By Kalack
Freda Idehen
Sisi Eko Rocks
Matildas Child
The Black Hair Dairy
Styled By Queens

5. Ask your nominees 11 questions

Why is your blog name what it is? 
- 25th is my birthday and stylefash is stylefashionista for short. Just thought Stylefash25 was cool.
Who's your favorite celebrity and why?
- Love kerry washington loved her in Scandal.
What color shoes are you wearing right now?
- Black & Tan
Would you wear an engagement ring on your middle finger or fourth finger? 
- Fourth Finger
What's your dream vacay destination?
When was the last time you prayed
- This Morning
What's your favorite color?
- Champagne/Orange
What number child are you?
- 2nd
What's the last meal you cooked?
- Rice, Fried Plantain & Chicken Stew
Would you rather do 100 jumping jacks or 75 squats?
- 100 Jumping Jacks

6. Notify your nominees
- Okies... On it!

Phewww finally done. This Award is not for the faint hearted... Wonder if this is what our Oscar and Grammy winners go through sef...LOL.

Stay Chic.


Thursday 16 May 2013

Don't Know or One Sweaty Day or Pearls & Blue...

Hello Loviessss,

As i sit here staring at my laptop i don't know what title to give this blog post. How do bloggers do it sef, they always come up with fancy titles for their post. Sometimes you see "dots & pink, one stripped thursday, blues & pearls, thunder & lightening" and the list continues...LOL. Me i am running out of titles and i've reached deep into the really creative part of my brain and nothing is coming forth.

Anyways the day started really nice and the weather seemed okay with all the rain from the day before. For some reason, by the time i got to work the sun was all out on me. You know that kind of sun that feels like its shinning on just you and you alone. My AC was on full blast and i got to work only for them to tell me the generator had a slight issue and it was being fixed but would be ready in less than one hour. One thing people don't know about me is i sweat a lot especially under my arm but not on my face and its really annoying. Trust me i have tried it all; i have spent so much on antiperspirants and i've resolved to using sweat pads jeje when i wear shirts cos i love my shirts. But on this day, i forgot to wear my sweat pads so you can imagine how uncomfortable i felt when the much dreaded sweat started. I took some pictures, trying to hide it with no success I'm sure you can tell from some of the pictures *sad face*. Anyway, I very quickly left the office to go print out my bank statement hoping that when i get back the generator would be all sorted. Now this is where the story gets interesting :-) :-) :-)

I got into GTbank, the one near the palms shopping mall and just as i was waiting in line to walk into the security door, i noticed one bros wearing a crisp white native - buba & sokoto and red suede loafers (yes call me looking very sharp behind me. I went in to do my business and i guess he went to do his cos i got lost in what i came for. 
Anyways i finished and headed straight for my car hoping the gen would be sorted to avoid my worstest nightmare and as i got into my car, someone knocked on the window of the passengers side. As i looked up, it was white native bros from earlier on. He said hello and introduced himself as O......... (hehehehehe no names) and said he had to rush after me cos he figured i was in a hurry. Anyways bros said he just wanted to tell me i looked really nice (seriously thats what a whole bros like you ran out of the banking hall to tell me...LOL) and asked if he could have my number or contact. Well as a nice sharp lagos geh girl i politely told him i don't give my number to strangers and he asked if he could give me his business card and i said sure (knowing i would dump it with my pile of clients business cards) and bros walked to a 2013 Porsche Cayenne and opens the door; errrrmmm this bros is not even playing o...LOL. He then hands the card to me and goes "you know i'll find you"? At this point i had*raised eyebrows". I said find fire in my mind and zoomed off smiling, saying to myself all these Lagos boys that wont allow someone rest and think everyone must fall for them sha.
I headed back to my office and thankfully the generator was sorted and i buried my head deep in the reports i had to submit and about 40mins later, my phone rang, showing an unregistered number. I picked up sounding ever so nice cos i lecture customer service and the next thing i heard was my name is O....... J....... i met you about an hour ago; it was bros on the phone. Jisoxxxxx ooooo how did this guy get my number now? Anyways i had a deadline on the reports so i told him i was in the middle of something and had to rush off. 
Moral of the story, Lagos boys are very resourceful.....Hahahahaaha. 

I ended up at my sister's house for dinner before heading to church for prayer meeting and my darling nephew was kind enough to take some shots of me and there was no sweaty me this time.

Have a great day lovies. 

Stay Chic.


Shirt: Hawes & Curtis Old
Beads: Topshop
Pants: Gap
Belt: Hermes
Bag: Dolce & Gabbana
Suede Shoes:  Autograph M&S Really Old

Monday 13 May 2013

Wednesday the 8th

Hello My Loviessss,

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty restful, spent cuddled up and watching TV. My body decided to tell me who the boss is cos for some reason it felt like a trailer ran into me and i wonder why when all i did during the week was go for my usual walk with my friend around Victoria Island then to the gym on saturday morning. By saturday evening i just couldn't move. I think it was just a build up of weeks gone by without proper rest and I guess when the body is tired, it just doesn't respond.

I generally like to plan my outfit in my head a night before; you know that moment when you are watching TV but scanning through your closet in your head. For some reason on this day i didn't do my usual planning because i've been so hooked on some series/dvd's i bought. (Thats gist for another day).

So i woke up kind of knowing how my day would play out and i slipped into this very lovely skirt with a visible zip i made 2 years ago after fashion school ( yes i went to fashion school in England ooo)and paired it with this dotted peplum top (what will i do without my peplum tops), stepped into my ever faithful black pumps and i was good to head out to my very busy day. 

Glasses: Cartier
Top: Oasis
Skirt: Made by Me
Belt: Steve Madden
Bag: Gifted by my darling younger sister debuggiee
Shoes: Old Aldo
Wristwatch: Gifted Rado

Quote for the Day: Anyone, no matter how valuable can be let go of. 

The day was quite eventful and i ended up after work at my big sissy's house and got my dear brother in-law; i call him 'uncle dearest' to do some paparazzi for me. (The first few shots were taken in the office).
We got talking about his new love for cycling and he told me about a funny incidence that happened to him when he went for his usual cycling to the mainland from Ikoyi. 
He said on his way back from the mainland (Maryland), his keke sorry bicycle had a flat tyre around Marina and area boys came....LOL. I didn't know area boys showed up for punctured bicycle tyre o i thought it was just for cars....LOL (God help us Lagosians). I don't even know how he dismissed them but he did and he pumped his tyre himself only to have another flat. 
Anyways Uncle dearest said he just jejely respected himself and called red cab to come and get him. I don't know if they had to tie the bicycle on the roof of the red cab...Hahahaahaa or if the keke bicycle fit into the back seat. The good news is he got home in one piece.

Have an amazing monday loviesss and stay chic.

Thanks for always reading.

Wednesday 8 May 2013

Shades of Green Please Grow on me.

Hello My Loviessssss,

So today's post is one i am doing my best to stay calm and not spit fire while uploading. I have been trying to make my pictures appear larger on my blog but i don't seem to be getting something right. At this point, i've given up, i'll have to get a tech savvy person to help out before my stylefash faithfuls will need a magnifying lense to view my blog. 

Anyhow on to the matter at hand... You see green is one color i run away from. I don't know if its because i wore it for 6 years in high school - secondary school for my naija peeps or if its that i just feel it doesn't do justice to 'colored' - dark girls. No matter the shade i try, it has a way of looking dull. 

Anyways i've had this lovely green zara skirt for a while and i've tried wearing it in the past with white, champagne, mustard, you name the color but it just never really 'werks' for me. 

So i woke up the other day and couldn't quite figure out what to wear and i saw one green thing peeping at me from my closet and i thought to myself; you again. 
After changing tops like 5 times, i settled for this floral orange top and decided not to rock the boat and  just jeje do green shoes and my ever faithful green MK bag. 

I don't know for sure that i was feeling the outfit but orange has a way of bringing anything to life.
So i am begging green to please grow on me because really and truly i have some other shades of green i'll like to try.

So please let me know if i am any close to making green 'werk' for me or if its a NO NO and also if there are any colors out there you struggle to pull off? 

Btw, i am rocking my Tom Ford glasses. *Posing Tinzzz*

Thanks for always reading.

Stay Chic.


Quote of the Day: You cannot go up the ladder of success with your hands in your pocket.

Top: Old -Monsoon
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Don't remember
Bag: Michael Kors
Belt: Accessorize

Monday 6 May 2013

I Can See Clearly Now

Hello Loviesssss,

How have you all been? 

I finally decided to get my glasses after postponing getting for a while. Got a really nice Cartier and Tom Ford and finally i can see clearly :-)

I also got my hair braided/twisted the kinky way and i'm loving it.

My outfit is an easy ensemble, love the color and feel of the top.

Top: French Connection
Pants: Mexx
Shoes: Coach

Thanks for always reading.

Stay Chic.


Quote of the Day: Most of the problems in life are caused by two reasons; We act without thinking or we keep thinking without acting.