Monday 13 May 2013

Wednesday the 8th

Hello My Loviessss,

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty restful, spent cuddled up and watching TV. My body decided to tell me who the boss is cos for some reason it felt like a trailer ran into me and i wonder why when all i did during the week was go for my usual walk with my friend around Victoria Island then to the gym on saturday morning. By saturday evening i just couldn't move. I think it was just a build up of weeks gone by without proper rest and I guess when the body is tired, it just doesn't respond.

I generally like to plan my outfit in my head a night before; you know that moment when you are watching TV but scanning through your closet in your head. For some reason on this day i didn't do my usual planning because i've been so hooked on some series/dvd's i bought. (Thats gist for another day).

So i woke up kind of knowing how my day would play out and i slipped into this very lovely skirt with a visible zip i made 2 years ago after fashion school ( yes i went to fashion school in England ooo)and paired it with this dotted peplum top (what will i do without my peplum tops), stepped into my ever faithful black pumps and i was good to head out to my very busy day. 

Glasses: Cartier
Top: Oasis
Skirt: Made by Me
Belt: Steve Madden
Bag: Gifted by my darling younger sister debuggiee
Shoes: Old Aldo
Wristwatch: Gifted Rado

Quote for the Day: Anyone, no matter how valuable can be let go of. 

The day was quite eventful and i ended up after work at my big sissy's house and got my dear brother in-law; i call him 'uncle dearest' to do some paparazzi for me. (The first few shots were taken in the office).
We got talking about his new love for cycling and he told me about a funny incidence that happened to him when he went for his usual cycling to the mainland from Ikoyi. 
He said on his way back from the mainland (Maryland), his keke sorry bicycle had a flat tyre around Marina and area boys came....LOL. I didn't know area boys showed up for punctured bicycle tyre o i thought it was just for cars....LOL (God help us Lagosians). I don't even know how he dismissed them but he did and he pumped his tyre himself only to have another flat. 
Anyways Uncle dearest said he just jejely respected himself and called red cab to come and get him. I don't know if they had to tie the bicycle on the roof of the red cab...Hahahaahaa or if the keke bicycle fit into the back seat. The good news is he got home in one piece.

Have an amazing monday loviesss and stay chic.

Thanks for always reading.


  1. Me likee, I love the way the black and white pattern of the blouse pops against the red skirts. really nice!

    + loving your hair.....*winks*

  2. You look really stunning stylefash. That top looks so nice on the visible zip skirt. Couldn't stop laughing at your uncle's story. Area boys sef, showing up for a punctured bicycle tyre. Hahahahahahha that's so hilarious.

    1. Thanks Jewel Lovie. Don't mind those jobless area boys. xoxo

  3. Everything about this look is so you. Simple, subtly sexy, classy and chic. Your sister's house is really lovely.

  4. LOVELY! Stylefash you are really shinning and embracing lots of colors lately..(i like that)...I love the skirt, bag (i will steal it soon) and that top is very lovely too.
    Your uncle's story is funny and total gist for another day.

    1. Hahahaaha laminaristic i shall hide the bag from you.

  5. Stylefash this is such a lovely look. You went to fashion school? Really? Love that skirt.

    1. Olive Lovie yes i went to fashion school *covering face in shame*

      Thanks dear. xoxo

  6. U look ur skirt

  7. Stylefash!! my fav blogger/crush . Okay you look stunning as usual and i really shouldn't be coming to your blog in the mornings because i end up always smiling sheepishly and all my colleagues giving me the funny "amebo" look.
    You haven't really done posts for/on guys lately though.
    Your big sister has a beautiful/grand house........ i really like what I've seen.

    1. *Blushing much* awww i am glad my blog does that to you.. my head is swelling. I'll do a post for guys really soon.

      Thanks for your kind comment.


  8. I love this whole ensemble girl. You are so rocking this look. ahn ahn really hot. This your hair is tempting me.

    1. Sophia Lovie thanks for your comment.