Thursday 26 September 2013

Nigerian Blog Awards, The Pope and Designer Spotlight

Hello Lovies,

Hmm so yours truly, the one and only Stylefash25 is listed on the Nigerian Blog Awards in the Fashion and Personal Style category. 
Let me start by saying that the blogs listed in this particular category ehnnn are so many and all deserve to be there. I almost chickened out...LOL.

Anyways, as i sit in bed typing this post, I remembered my days in primary school when my mummy dearest insisted that i do a sport because she wouldn't have any of her children not participate in the school inter-house sports. After plenty shout and mummy-daughter drama, i decided to run because she insisted i had really long legs and i would definitely win...hahaha. 

So on the Inter-house sports day, i was dressed in my Flying Horse House(The name of the house ehn..LOL) blue tees, shorts and lovely runners ready to run the 100 Meters girls race with my long legs. I stayed in my lane but there was this other girl in lane 3 that could run like lightening; Usain Bolt style. Everyone was scared of her but when i looked in the crowd where mummy dearest was seated with other parents, she just winked at me and i knew i would be alright. 

On your marks...Get set...Go... i ran for my dear life. Lightening girl was already ahead in less than one second and before i knew what was going on, my house mates started shouting my name, cheering me and i ran like my life depended on it. The next thing i knew, i was ahead of lightening girl and i actually crossed the finish line and i just fell on the floor... Maybe i fainted, i don't remember, all i knew was that i won and they gave me a lot of glucose :-D
So you see this award is similar to that race, because there are a lot of wonderful lightening blogs in this category...LOL. 

I sha hope that with this short story of mine, i have been able to convince you an not confuse you that you must nominate me for the Nigerian Blog Awards. Nominate Here category 9 - Fashion and Personal Style. 
Did i mention that by the next inter-house sports, i decided to Match...hehe. 
Anyways sha after nominating me, if you see me anywhere in the world, just stop me for a hug, my autograph plus coldstone ice-cream...hehehe. Love you all plenty. xxx

In other news, i saw this picture of the Pope, wearing a fabulous vintage chiffon-lined Dior gold lame gown over a silk Vera Wang empire waist tulle cocktail dress, accessorized with a three-foot House of Whoville hat and the ruby slippers Judy Garland wore in the Wizard of Oz.  This Pope is a Fashionista, love him. 

So i found this fabulous collection on bellanaija recently and rushed to the designer's website to see if i could get more pictures. The Ghanian designer is none other than Ami Yomkepe of AfroMods Trends. 
The ready to wear collection features pieces from short dresses to skirts, tops and long gowns.

What i love most about this collection is the fact that all the pieces are so neatly sewn. Maybe its the Sura-the-tailor in me but there is nothing i dislike more than a poorly sewn outfit. 
A lot of designers are really creative but the sewing and finishing are usually  poor and it almost makes my eyes bleed.

I hope you like the collection. Thanks for always reading lovies. And plsssssssssss remember to click the link and nominate me. 


Sunday 22 September 2013

Gist from Last Weekend

Hello My Loviessss hope you all had a restful weekend? 

So I woke up on friday all buzzing and ready for work only to get outside and realized it was raining like crazy. You see the road to my house needs serious deliverance because the sand on that road is on a different level but that is gist for another day. 

Anyways as usual, because it had rained, the traffic from lekki all the way to Victoria Island was gangster. I got towards the toll gate and realized it was really bad and decided to turn around and do the alternative route. Surprisingly, traffic was light and i was sure i would make it to work before 8 am. 

You see ehn, as much as i love Lagos state, i believe it has special issues; from impatient drivers to frowning Lastma Officials waiting for their next victims to the Police Special Squad on bikes dressed in their complete bullet proof regalia only to stop you for the tiniest traffic offense like parking to buy Boli roasted plantain to the almighty Road Safety Officials lurking around in corners waiting to stop and ask you about the renewal of your car plate number... ahn ahn...LOL Lagos Na Wa. Sorry for digressing jare i just remembered them and was pained for a moment. 
So i was driving a bit like a bus driver, trying to get on the Ajose Adeogun road and i didn't notice that two of the slabs that were supposed to cover the drainage on the road were missing and i drove right into it.

I heard a loud BANG and thought my tyre burst not realizing i drove right into the open drainage. I was shocked for close to 30 seconds shaking but was jolted back to reality by impatient Lagosians like me horning for me to leave the road. I wondered if they wanted me to carry my car on my head. You won't believe i just sat in my car and tears just started flowing freely. Anyways, thankfully some area boys came to my rescue and in less than 5 minutes, my car was out. I managed to drive the car to the side of the road and immediately called Alao my mechanic. You see Alao is a special case, he is always so happy when i call him about these kind of crisis; he is unable to hide his excitement and he gets to me in a matter of minutes that i sometimes wonder if he flies. My colleagues have teased me saying Alao bought his car from all the money he has chopped made from me...LOL. Anyways, i just gave him my car keys so he could go sort everything out and went to work. 

On saturday, i just generally stayed home since i was 'carless' and i was upset i couldn't even attend the fashion event Zizi of dressed2dnines had planned.

I wore this JBL (Jewel by Lisa) wrap dress with beaded details to church and was full of thanksgiving because again God showed up for me and like i always say, it could have been worse. That in a nutshell was how my weekend went lovies. Thanks for always reading.

P.S sorry for the poor picture quality in this post, i plan on changing the camera really soon. i.e after i have changed my car plate number. I don't want FRSC wahala...hehe. 

Wednesday 18 September 2013

The Pencil Skirt Rangers

Hello Loviessss,

I was just thinking to myself and wondering why ladies love Pencil Skirts? 
Personally i think they compliment your figure, they display a woman’s confidence and femininity, give you the appearance of height and they are damn sexy.
Pencil skirts are a way for a woman’s imagination to experiment with a variety of styles. 
Celebrities and fashion magazines constantly showcase an array of skirts in different fabrics, prints, textures and colors.

For today's post, we have put together some tips, mood boards and loads of pictures to inspire how you style your pencil skirt.
We hope you like and let us know which mood board is your favorite.

- Go for striking designs: Forget the grays and blacks, go for pencil skirts with colorful, attractive prints. Pair a beautiful print design with a solid blouse and heels; add a few color-coordinated accessories. Your look will give you the classy, chic upscale effect. You have the choice of flowers, abstracts and if you’re feeling the jungle-fever, try animal print pencil skirts.

- Work the retro look with a high-waist pencil skirt and a harmonized sweater, turtleneck, or a t-shirt, tucked in. Glamorize with pointy heels, bold jewelry, a brooch and a fashionable belt.

- Pair your pencil skirt crop tops. The crop top look is definitely trending.


Mix & Match: Printed tops when styled well go well with print or two-paneled pencil skirts. Be sure to rock this particular look confidently.

- Color block: Vocalize your cheerful mood with a bright colored skirt and play it off with a snazzy blouse. 
 Kim K

Kate Beckinsale Color blocks Blue & Coral


 Karoline Kurkova in Dion Lee's Resort 14 front zipper pencil skirt

 Tanesha Awasthi

Thanks for always reading lovies.


Photo Credit: Various Sources, Girl with

Sunday 15 September 2013

Rapunzel's Mood

Hello Loviessss,

I am not in a very happy mood, don't know why (Deep down, we always know why). 
You know those moods where you are just holding back tears and if someone as much as pushes you mistakenly/slightly, you'll burst out crying and people would wonder if it was just the push or more to it...LOL.

Anyways, when i go into this zone, as hard as it might be, i just turn to God and spend time worshiping/praying because at the end of the day, He's the only one who's really got our back and as they say, this too shall pass. I'll try not to pass the not so nice mood into blogsphere. 

On to happy thoughts jare, am i the only one who watches the new latino station (Telemondo - Remember i told you i watch anything) on DSTV? Reminds me of the days of Passion, Secrets of the sands, The rich also cry etc. I still remember crushing on Hoare :-) 
The story lines today haven't changed much; guy is hopelessly in love with girl, something comes between their love and they keep trying to find each other...bla bla bla... but i still watch them...hehehe. 

Meanwhile, i wore this outfit on friday and was supposed to hangout with a few of my friends at Rhapsody's but Victoria Island traffic was gangster so we cancelled and rescheduled for another time.
I also managed to fix a weave and mehnnn its been a while. Honestly i miss my fro or nice and easy braids. But you know how it is, once in a while a girl just wants to feel like Rapunzel :-) *Wink*

 Top: Morgan, Jeans: Old, Belt: Hermes, Shoes: Office

Anyways lovies i wish you all a fabulous monday and God's favor and blessings in all you do.

P.S if you don't mind, i'd like you to share how you handle your moody days and what you do to get out of it.


Thursday 12 September 2013

StyleFashionista - Dotun

Hey Loviesssss,

Oh friday where have you been? Thank God you are finally here :-)

Today's Stylefashionista is the sweet Dotun. She sent in her pictures and we totally fell in love with her after interviewing her.


Name? My name is Adeoye Adedotun

Where are you originally from & where do you live currently? I am from a small town called Okua (can’t be found on the map though), in Osun state. Relocated from Leicester, UK, and currently live in Lagos, Nigeria

 What you do for a living? Just completed my Masters degree programme, so while waiting for the ‘dream job’ I work with my mum as an Events Planner.

How do you relax/hobbies? I love watching big bang theory, fashion channels, bidding on Ebay and my most relaxing moment is when I watch Nigerian movies with my friends- The fantastic four (you can’t imagine how much fun we have).

What inspires your style? Hmmm… I’m beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside (wide grin), so my style is a way of expressing the inner me.

Who is your style icon? Me of course…lol…seriously, I am my own person when it comes to fashion.

Are you a ladylike or boyish kind of girl? I have my seasons. There are times when I feel like oversized shorts and sneakers, but since my waist rolls of its own free will and I can’t do without my high heels, would say I’m a ladylike girl.

What fashion item can't you live without? High heels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even my school sandals in primary school had some obvious extensions.

Team Pumps or wedges? Definitely pumps

Are you obsessed with any fashion item in your closet now and what is it? Zara blazers. (..#now whispering#… got some awesome blazers at jaw-dropping prices over the summer, they give me a sense of fulfillment when I gaze into my wardrobe…lol)

What's your favorite store to shop? I love shopping online. Ebay is number one on my list.

What's the most expensive or cheapest fashion item you've ever owned and was it worth it? I guess a brown Calvin Klein dress is the most expensive fashion item I ever owned, and NO it wasn’t worth it. There was nothing to it apart from the brand name.

Are you a foodie and what's your favorite food? I’m sorted if I have malta Guinness, ice cold berryblast juice and chewing gum, I’m not a food person. However, if I want to feel like I’ve had a good meal, road-side sweet potato and suya makes my belly happy (bliss).

How do you stay fit & healthy? I love to skip in the morning (especially when I have had too much fried stuvs) to keep my heart pumping, have some smoothie (Magonnana—world’s best smoothie) and I’m constantly on my feet around the house.

What's the weirdest thing I'll find in your handbag? An empty bag is the weirdest thing I go around with (*facepalm*) that’s why I love bags that can support themselves

Your favorite holiday location? I haven’t really travelled much, but Cardiff is one of the most beautiful places I have been.

Thanks for sending in your pictures Dotun dearie.

Have a fabulous weekend lovies.