Thursday, 5 September 2013

Take Two

Hello Loviessss,

How have you been? Hmm, your girl has been all kinds of busy lately with so many things and i have not had one spare minute to do a proper post. I don't even know where to start from but it is well, the Lord is my strength. 

So i found this nice striped top i got a while ago on sale from Dorothy Perkins lying in my closet and i decided to take a few shots and do a quick post on how i plan to style my really old clothes differently and i got a very spooky surprise. 

Just as i was about to blog, I checked out one of my blogsister's  & found out that her latest post was about the same top...Hahaha.  It was so funny and shocking at the same time; Great minds really think alike. 
I felt it would be more interesting to feature how we both styled the top because its not very often you come across another blogger do the exact same post you had planned on blogging about.

Anyways i love how she styled hers with her accessories and lovely loafers. I chose to style mine with my red pumps and in my opinion, i think we both styled the top pretty well.

Check out Bex's blog on

Btw, you wouldn't believe who i met at the supermarket last night... The very sweet and lovely berry of I cannot begin to explain how excited we were to meet each other. The blog world is so interesting, it feels like you've known the person forever just from visiting their blog. Well you can imagine we almost screamed the supermarket down...LOL. I also met Mr. Kess aka Cakes (Wonderful couple). We took a few pictures and i am sure she would post them on her blog. 

Hmm let me just warn you all now,  it was 9.30pm after a very long day at work so if you do not recognize stylefash in the pictures please don't be offended...LOL.

Have a wonderful day lovies.



  1. Love how you both rocked this look, love your shoes and love Bex's chain, xx

  2. From Sweden with Love6 September 2013 at 00:22

    LOL, i can imagine how surprised you were to see the same post you were planning to do. Love the stripes on the top. Like that she played around with the same shade and you went the opposite direction with your gorgeous red pumps.

  3. Stylefash dearie pls can you just do a garage sale... No need for re-styling your old clothes..hehehehehe.

    Amazing you both wore ankle pants... Love how your red shoes made your look pop and her accessories jazzed up her own look.

  4. Since its not a 'who rocked it better post' i'll say well styled by both of you.
    Ehen stylefash i totally agree with Lisa, don't re-style. Garage sale!!! garage sale!!! garage sale!!!

  5. I absolutely love the ouTfit, you ladies look lovely .-- -I am coming for the red shoes !!!

  6. I have the exact same top. Mehn you guys have made me feel so bad. I have always styled mine in a very boring way. I would typically wear the top with a black skirt and black shoes *covers face in shame*.

    Love how Bex played with the same color shade & stylefash i didn't see your red pumps coming, totally love it.

  7. You both rocked it/styled it well. I would have loved to see one person pair it with a skirt or denim though.

    Stylefash i second the motion of garage sales o.

  8. Nice post SF25, nice to see two people rocking the same top, and incidentally styling it with ankle grazers. I prefer your take (no bias) cos or the red pop of color. very unexpected and I like 'the unexpected' in styling.

  9. U girls styled it perfectly..i really enjoyed going through the different pictures

  10. YAY! We look great featured side by side! Love your red shoes Hun! So you 'jammed' Berry and Cakes? Nice! Did you see their pre-wedding pictures on BN? So cuuuuute. Meanwhile when am I going to run into you? Should I send you a list of my favourite haunts? Lol. Stay fab dear.

    1. Bex me love... yes o i jammed Berry & Cakes. I saw their pictures on Bella naija. My best pre - wedding shots yet.

      Please send the list jare i shall report there. Just that our own scream and shout would not have part 2...LOL. xxx

    2. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I wanted to post our pics on my blog, but wasn't sure if you'd be shy about it. Soooooooo... I'll do it!

      Is Bex in Lagos?! I thought she was in PH. I don't want to seem stalkery crazy, but it'd be so fun to meet up :D

    3. Yessssssssssssss pls lets meet up. Already so excited.

  11. Nicenessss!! Love love the way both look. Really weird wearing the same top and kinda ankle pants..
    Yup! we would have loved to see how the top would look on denim.. next time maybe?

  12. You both look incredible, I love your red shoes as they add a pop of colour to this look.