Tuesday 28 January 2014

Coral & Purple

Hello Loviess,

How have you been? Hmm the year started with a bang; work has been hectic, traffic is back on the streets of Lagos & busy mode fully activated :-(((
Here i was thinking i would blog more. Anyways my lovies i would do all i can to post as often as i can.

So i was having a conversation with my friend and she was complaining about having just dark colors in her wardrobe and how she would love to own brighter colored clothes. I gave her a very simple advise that worked for me years ago when i liked dark colors; Start gradually by buying a few bright colored tops, blazers, shirts that can mix easily with dark bottoms and vice versa. Then eventually you'll get more comfortable and easily piece bright colors together. 

 Purple Blazer: Zara Old
Sheer Chiffon Top: French Connection
Coral Skirt: Asos
Shoes: Jasper Conran

I remember the color blocking days, that was and still is one of my favorite fashion trends because i love wearing bright colors. Thankfully, my job doesn't restrict me so i can pull off almost anything.

My own personal rule however is to make sure the shades sort of compliment each other and also accessories or one piece of clothing tones down the whole look.

What's your take on piecing bright colors together? And how bright can you go? 

Thanks for always reading lovies.


Tuesday 21 January 2014

Breakfast at Berry's

Hello Loviessss,

How are you today? 

So Saturday last week, Berry invited Bex & I over for breakfast. Well it was meant to be breakfast for 10 am then we moved it to 11 am but it ended up being brunch or lunch sef.

The wahala started because i had hung out with my friends and colleagues the night before and got home quite late so when Bex called me at 8.15 am, i was still snoring. Anyways, fast forward to 9.40 am, i rushed into the bathroom like a banshi and remembered i had to make a quick stopover at 1004 to drop off stuff with my cousin who was going to England that evening. 

We had planned that i would bring freshly baked bread from Grand square which in my opinion is the best right now followed closely by Cactus bread, Irish Cream & Ice- Cream and Bex was to bring loads of Bacon, Baked beans & Something else. Berry the host, eggs, sausages, mushrooms, Sex & the City DVD and of course cook. Anyways I was on my way to Berry's when i got a message from Bex saying she would be running late and i should help her pick up the Bacon. Hmm the traffic by the Spa Mall was gangster so i couldn't help.

I finally got to Berry's about 1 p.m. i think and then gist began. Bex joined us about 30 minutes later and the fun began. We had so much to catch up on that we actually didn't start cooking until about 1 hour later.

Bex made this delicious coconut cupcakes 

With the way i rushed out of the house, there was no time for make up or to even brush my hair properly. *Covers Face*

Bex didn't bother with make up either...hehehe

Berry frying away while we continued our gist in her kitchen

A few minutes later, The well set table had food on it

Oh yes, Bex took off her wig at some point and we celebrated her Big chop. Isn't she just gorg? And she made it clear that she isn't *Team Natural* or anything...LOL.

We also didn't get round to watching the Sex & the City DVD because there was too much gist. 

Cakes, Berry's husband came in somewhere in between and just left us in our world. 

Anyways, we finally left about 5ish and it was a lot of fun.

Thank You Berry for having us over, you were such a fantastic host. 

Thanks for always reading lovies.


Thursday 16 January 2014

On the Grid

Hello My Loviessss,

Yes i know its late to say Happy New Year but i'll say it all the same; HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 
First of, i didn't quite have a break from work and i continued into the new year with the same work buzz and you can imagine my body decided to show me who the boss is. I've been down with the flu and for some strange reason i had the bloggers brain block and didn't know what to blog about.

Anyways, i am so happy to be back in blogsphere and i know this year promises to be an eventful, favored and a year of accelerated progress.

My outfit for today is in line with the grid trend that has been in for a while. I fell in love with the fashion trend immediately i saw it. I am a lover of Polka dots, Plaid, stripes etc so the grid pattern was definitely going to get on that list.

So I went to Shoprite in Ikeja for the first time sometime in December and i was so impressed. They have so many more stores and so many more people. Anyways i went with my male bestie Kay to get some gifts for his bosses and i saw the Mr. Price store. I remember buying a few things from them in South Africa. So we went in just to see what they had and the set up sort of brought back memories of school days & Peacocks in London. Their prices were very friendly and they had a lot of stuff. My worry however was with the quality because i know when some brands come to Nigeria, the quality tends to reduce and i don't know why. 

Anyways i looked round, saw some nice things but nothing really caught my eye until i found this lovely grid button down caddy. I like everything about it and guess what, it was less than N5,000. 
I plan to rock it well but i just thought to start with monochrome styling before switching things up a bit the next time i rock it.

My Outfit
Grid Caddy: Fit for Mr. Price
Skirt: Zara Old
Shoes: Autograph M&S
Bag: Russell & Bromley
Neckpiece: Christmas gift from Bex dearest.

Thanks for always reading lovies.