Monday 28 July 2014

Standing Tall in the Storm & Dancing in the Rain

Hello My Loviesss,

Happy Eid-Mubarak. I have been so happy since friday and i am sure you know why; the much needed break has been the best thing to happen to me since sliced bread :-p. I have been working,working and working, wondering when i'll get some time out just to catch my breath and thankfully, Eid-Mubarak made it happen.

So I woke up about 5am today -can you imagine on a holiday; i guess my body is just used to it. As i lay in bed listening to the sound of rain, my mind sort of drifted to the popular saying 'Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain'.

There are so many interpretations given to this saying:
- Not letting bad stuff get you down
- Not allowing anything deter you from reaching your full potentials
- Learning to enjoy the journey and having a positive attitude in the stormy seasons
- Not wasting time and waiting around for the perfect time to start living your life.
- Learning to adapt to change no matter what it is.
and the list goes on.

For me, as i become more mature, i am learning to embrace life and the storms that come with it. I often strike people as a very strong, 'tough times don't last but tough people do' kind of girl...bleh. If only you all know how easily i Every day i am thankful for the bible that daily reminds me about God being with me no matter how bad it gets.
I am learning daily to stand tall in the inevitable storms that life brings, learning also to sing and dance no matter what the weather brings because i am the child of the Most High.
So this isn't really a style post because i didn't plan to dress up for a blog post. But you know how i am, i took one look at myself and said errm this should be blog worthy i

 I paired one of my favorite jumpsuits in jersey animal print with a black shrug because it was a bit cold, a pair of gold slippers and a tan bag. Very comfortable look for running errands or just having a laid back day.
 This jumpsuit can also be dressed up by taking off the shrug, pairing it with nice heels, a lovely belt and gorgeous clutch and you are all glammed up. 
 Maybe i was trying to suck belle here, i don't
Have a fabulous break and week ahead my lovies, thank you for always reading  and remember to:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight. Prov 3:5-6.


Monday 14 July 2014

Denim, Dusty Pleats & Help!!!

Hey Loviesssss,

Hope you had a fabulous weekend? Mine was alright, i spent saturday at a retreat and sunday i tried to rest and cook.

So my favorite meal is beans and dodo plantain, the softer the better...hehehe and trust me when i say i can make all kinds of beans, in fact, my beans has been nicknamed designer beans...LOL. Anyways, on to my story. I set out to make one of my special beans recipes with snails, fish, beef etc cut in tiny pieces and i had prepped everything when i realized the beans had weevils in it (Thats when i should have known that there was drama coming my way). I quickly sent someone to the market (Btw, I love cooking but dislike going to the market - I prefer organized spaces for shopping) to get some for me and she came back with the popular "honey beans" (supposed to be tastier than the normal one) and i started my wonderful meal. I put it on my cooker at about 4pm and at 7pm, the beans was still hard as rock; i kept adding warm water as usual and it kept getting harder. I began to wonder whether the beans was possessed. (Meanwhile, i do not own a pressure cooker because i have been procrastinating getting one). I was so hungry at this point, i put enough water and dozed off (after all, it wasn't my first time making beans).

To cut the long story short, i woke up at 9pm and guess what, this beans was still so hard. At this point i decided to throw away the demonic As if things couldn't get any worse, i noticed the pressure of the flame from the cooker had reduced significantly and my worse nightmare happened. My gas finished...ahn ahn who did i offend? I angrily carried the pot downstairs because i had had enough and decided i was going to settle for cereal and just go to bed; perhaps God was saving me from something. 

I got downstairs and met the new security guard Muktar and he said "Aunty why you dey vex?" I told him nothing, that my gas had finished and i couldn't go on cooking. I couldn't tell him the whole story of cooking beans for 5 hours and beans still being hard. Anyways he said in broken english "Aunty don't throw it away, i'll give you my special electric cooker and the beans go don cook in 30 minutes if its not cooked, give me, i go chop am". 

At that point, i had nothing to lose anyway so i thought to myself, 5 hours + an extra 30 minutes; oh well lets try it. And i took muktar's magic electric burner upstairs and put the pot of beans on it and indeed ladies and gentlemen, in 30 minutes, my the beans was very soft and ready to cook...LOL. I added all my sen-ren-ren ingredients and allowed to cook a little more and my delicious beans and plantain was ready. 

Moral of the story.... SF get a pressure cooker, SF,get an electric burner, SF cook the normal beans and not the honey one, SF never underestimate where help might come from, you just never know.
 And oh, before i forget to blog about my outfit i wore to church and how amazing the weather was, here you go...

 I wore my washed out denim top, dusty pink pleated skirt, black sash, cobalt T-Bar shoes and borrowed purse from my baby sister.

Have an amazing week lovies.


Monday 7 July 2014

Feature - FaceTalk Beauty

Hello Loviesssss,

Today we are featuring the very talented Lola of FaceTalk Beauty. I've known Lola for a couple of years  and i've watched her grow to become an exceptional makeup artist.

I admire her passion and resilience in the very saturated industry where you constantly have to show how creative you are and carve a niche for yourself (Shout out to all MUA, not easy at all) and i love the fact that she constantly rebrands and stands out.

I saw some of her recent jobs and was marveled at the before and after transformation of her clients. They all looked absolutely stunning.

She is one hardworking lady and also runs a makeup school for anyone interested in learning the art of make up professionally or personally. If you are like me who struggles everyday with make up, FaceTalk is the place to go.

So for all your weddings, parties, artistic make up and general glamming up, hurry to FaceTalk beauty studio situated at No. 42 Toyin Street Ikeja. ( I have to mention that she is very affordable too).


Now here is the exciting part, FaceTalk has offered a 30% discount for Stylefash25 readers. All you have to do is join my blog and take the Code: Stylefash25 and voila you get a the discount. 
Did i also mention that she is multi talented and makes lovely beads as well?
Now the 30% discount does not cover the beads however we would give away a very lovely bead set to a lucky reader. Watch this space for how to enter for our month of July giveaway.

For more pictures, inquiries, please visit her facebook page

Or Call +234 8023 465 653

We are so excited, two more giveaways to go.

Thanks for always reading lovies.