Monday 30 December 2013

Out and about, Berry's Beach Wedding & a bright 2014

Hello Loviessss,

How have you all been? Sorry about the 10 days of silence. I have had a lot of end of year wrap up to do. How was your Christmas? Mine was spent at home eating like i had been starved the whole year. Lord knows i need to hit the gym fast before i regret

Anyways the last couple of days have been quite eventful, on my way back from work just before Christmas, i parked on the popular Ajose Adeogun Street Victoria Island and took pictures of the nicely decorated street. My plan was actually to take pictures of all the nice streets with christmas decorations but hmm i didn't get round to it :-( Maybe next year by the grace of God.

Some of my friends from Uni were around so we decided to go Salsa dancing. It was so much fun. I am still a beginner; i am sure you can tell. Me dancing with my instructor.

 Nena the Salsa Queen. She doesn't joke when she's doing her thing.

 Tola another Salsa Queen 


 Akome and her dance partner :-)


My darling gorgous Berry got married on the 27th. She had an amazing beach wedding. Bex and i got there late but thank God we made it. It was so much fun.
It was one wedding where the bride, groom and their friends really danced and enjoyed themselves. I wouldn't put up too many pictures here, i'll wait for her to do the post on her blog and you see all the lovely pictures.

 Berry in her grandmother's vintage dress

 Berry & Cakes. Well i am sure everyone knows why cakes is called cakes. For those who don't, he bakes the best cakes ever :-D

 Cakes actually baked the wedding Cake

Power Puff Girls. Bex, Berry, SF

 Gazing into 2014

And mehnnn it looks so

Its been such an amazing year and even though i promised not to do any of the long end of year speeches on my blog, i want to say a very BIG THANK YOU to all my amazing readers who take out time to read every post. 
You are the BESTEST.... Loads of Hugs & Kisses.


Friday 20 December 2013

Yay!!!! We won something.

Hello Loviesssss,

The winners of the Nigerian Blog Awards were announced and Stylefash25 won Judges Choice for Best Fashion & Personal Style Blog category. You know how i love to celebrate all my wins...hehe.

Thank You so much my amazing blog readers, followers on the blog and bloglovin who always take out time to read every post. We wouldn't have even been shortlisted without your votes. God bless you all so much. Hugs & Kisses.

Congratulations to all the other winners in the Popular Votes and Judges Choice Categories.

Thanks for always reading lovies.


Tuesday 17 December 2013

Wedding Weekend

Hello Loviessss,

How are you doing? As for me, my brain is shutting down gradually for the year. I am not sure i can do any brain tasking job right now; Christmas + Parties on my 

So it was my bestie's wedding on saturday. The Engagement/Traditional Marriage was actually on the 8th of Dec and the church wedding was on the 14th of Dec.
I have known my bestie for over 20 years, we grew up together, and trust me, we have fun memories from our childhood. She is one friend that even if we don't get to see each other often, we just pick up where we left off when we eventually meet up.

When she told me about her husband, trust us to gossip about the poor guy. She sent me his picture when i was away in England so our gossip would be complete...LOL. She was posing initially and i remember talking some good funny sense into her head and as they say, the rest is history. Her husband is such a loving guy and i know this journey they have started would be a very blissful one in Jesus name.

The engagement was really nice and my friend looked stunning in her first look. I love the waist beads, it made her dance so well. We wore a similar outfits with beads on our heads. 

 Her first look. We danced out to Flavor's 'Ada Ada' song.

 Stylefash the Ibo chic.

 PJay & I in her 2nd Look

 She had to go and look for her husband in the crowd to give him his wine. Lovely tradition

 Grooms friends

 Me on the wedding day

 Colors of the day were Crimson red & Gold. I chose to make my outfit champagne and accessorize with red because i knew most people would wear the red velvet wrapper and gold top.

 My niece dearest and i. She was having a play date on the same day. Aunty had to take pictures with her first :-)

 Gawwwwgeous Bride

 Bridesmaids and I.

 Bride & Groom

 Lovely decorated stage for the couple

 Dancing to Kacee's 'Pullover'

 Breath taking performance by the saxophonist. We danced so much

Thanks for always reading my lovies hope you enjoyed the post? 


Thursday 12 December 2013

Christmas Baby

Hello Loviessss,

Yipeeeeeeeee; dancing my skelewu, alingazonto dance move all in one go...LOL.

I am so excited because everyone knows how long i have been asking God for a new camera. At least Berry & Bex know...LOL. 
The Bible says in the book of Matthew 7 Vs 7: Ask and it will be given, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.

Anyways so i have been managing my old camera for about 2 years now jeje, i bought it on sale for half price when i was in Uni. It went from £100 to £50. In the beginning, it took really nice pictures but suddenly i noticed that the quality of pictures reduced, perhaps due to old I also noticed that it became selective. If the background of the picture isn't nice looking, it would just make the picture very 'unfine'

Blue & White Polka Dot Top: Asos 
Peach Skirt: River Island, 
Red Suede Pumps: Autograph M&S
Vintage Wine Bag:Cartier

Fast forward to October this year, my uncle dearest asked me what i wanted for Christmas. Anyone who knows me well knows that is not a difficult question at all because i constantly have the list in my head perchance i meet anyone who would ask me the magic question...hehe. So i told him i wanted 2 things, one of them was a camera and he just accepted without hesitation. (Lord make me bigger oooooo so when those annoying little sisters of mine ask me for their Christmas presents i wont give them the long speech i have planned...LOL. Chei).

This Lumix baby got to me a few days ago. I actually 
requested for it because after my research i realized the lens that came with the Canon and Nikkon weren't as sophisticated as this one and they were all same price. I guess the Canon and Nikkon are selling their brands :-)

I am so happy; finally i would have better picture quality. So the next step on this my blog journey would be better locations for taking pictures.

P.S. I know this post might seem like what's the big deal about a new camera. Errrm i have learnt to thank God and testify about everything because it just guarantees me more blessings :-D

Thanks for always reading lovies.