Friday 6 December 2013

If i were a Nurse

Hello Loviessss,

How are you all doing? I am so happy it's friday, it almost feels like i won the lottery :-D 
Maybe the excitement is partly because i smell Christmas... *Dancing Skelewu*. 

So i had this conversation a while ago with my colleagues and we were talking about what other career paths we would have chosen if we weren't in Consulting. 

I thought to myself hmm... If i wasn't an HR Consultant, i'd be a Nurse or a Teacher...Well i am sort of a teacher at the moment because my core specialty is Learning & Development. But my soft spot really would be Nursing. After all, people tell me how nice and caring i am...Yimu...Hahaha.

Oh well i got the lovely caring and nice nature from my wonderful mummy dearest. She was a Nurse for years before she retired. I remember we never went to the hospital, all our medications, injections and drips were administered at home. In fact, we rarely fell ill.

I don't know if this happens to you but as i get older, i see a lot of my mum in me... Scary...LOL. E.g

  1. Mummy labels all the items in her kitchen i.e Egusi bowl, Salt bowl, Pepper bowl all labelled...LOL.
  2. Mummy must clean or supervise cleaning of her kitchen before going to bed (No plates over night...Neverrrrrrrr).
  3. Mummy rinses everything taken from the plate rack even if its has just been washed.
  4. Mummy was a neat freak, it was annoying. Now we know where my younger sister got her OCD & Type A personality from....Hahaha.
  5. Spring cleaning every month and i mean proper cleaning. No spot missing. Gold ornaments in the living room polished with special cleaners, Silver cutlery sets polished with silver cleaning wipes...LOL.
  6. Mummy would ask you 10 times or more if you have eaten.
  7. Mummy must check the doors are locked like 5 times before we go to bed. (Even daddy laughed at her).
  8. Mummy must check that the doors are locked several times when she drives.
  9. Mummy was afraid of big trucks when she drove.
  10. Mummy was extremely stylish and fashionable.
And the list goes on... What's scary is everything i have listed above i do same now; i think i am even worse, especially with 7, 8, & 9...LOL. 
And to think when we were younger, my siblings and i would quarrel with her over some of the things listed above. Especially 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 7.

Well as they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree :-D

If i could be half as caring, sweet, loving, kind hearted and Love the Lord like my mummy, i would have lived a very fulfilled life. 

For mummy's first look, i see her rocking a lovely pair of black oxford shoes with her nurse's uniform.

Her second look, i love her white pointy flats and her blue bag.

For my outfit, i was in that shirt dress mood and i remembered this Calvin Klein dress (One of the ones Fadekemi my kid sister hasn't stolen yet) i got about 4 years ago and i paired it with my Kurt Geiger black shoes and DKNY Bag (Really Old).

Meanwhile please feel free to share any character trait you know for a fact you got from your dad or mum. You know those ones you told yourself you'd never do when you 'grow up'...LOL.

Thanks for always reading lovies. Have a restful or fun filled weekend.



  1. AWWWWWW!!! See mummy's "white boyfriend shoes" and pristine blue uniform. Fine woman!
    See my exact same legs in the first picture (I am not a bastood, beware demilade!)
    Fola that dress is almost as OLD as i am! Please pass it down!
    I love your shoes so much and d bag and though the dress is old its still stunning.
    Love what you've done to your hair too.
    You look too lovely, very simple, comfortable and really stylish.

    1. C'mon taaaa...LOL. You arent getting this dress no matter how old...LOL. *Sticking out my tongue*
      Thanks for stopping by my love.

  2. Your mum was one stylish nurse. I love both her looks. And her white flats are hot. How come you are dark though? She was really fair skinned.
    I love this post so much. Couldn't stop laughing at exhibiting the exact same things you thought you'd never do.
    I think i shout like my mum now. And i swore never to do that...Hahaha

    1. Thanks Doreen lovie. I don't know why i am dark o. My kid sister is fair skinned though :-D
      LOL@shouting like your mum. I think thats typical of all mums.

  3. I love this post!!! The tribute to your mum, her pictures, your dress, everything!

    Somethings I share with my mum are being the Adas of the house, and our drama-queenedness :p

    1. Ada Ada Ada in flavors Thanks darling. xxx

  4. I love everything about this post. Your mum was rocking a very hot nurse number o.
    Love your dress too girl.

    I am very finicky like my mum. Too much attention to detail

    1. Thank Olive dearie. Yep she was one hot nurse :-D
      Meanwhile i think the trait from your mum isn't bad at all, attention to detail is good.
      Thanks for your comment lovie.

  5. First of, this is a lovely post. Love your mum's blue scrub, very nice. Also you look lovely but you know i'll say she's hotter than you.
    Aspa character traits, i cook large pots of food like my mum. I can't make a small meal because i grew up seeing her feed everyone. Now i always have leftovers in my fridge.hahaa.

    1. Thanks lovie. LOL@ feeding everyone. I remember my mum did that alot too.

  6. Beautiful post and tribute to your mum, funny enough i love to host people like my mum and we have great taste too :).

    1. Thanks Velma, hosting people is an amazing skill o. Especially here in Nigeria. Thanks for your comment dearie. xx

  7. nice dress.. am following

  8. My mama was a rolling stone!!! Lady white of life!!....Hot Nurse! Patients would be cured yet return to the hospital to see this Hot nurse!! LOL! The absolute source of my OCD...*sigh*
    Lovely post SF, thank you for this and your outfit is fab as always.

    1. Mmmwaahh... Thanks for stopping by lovie. xxx

  9. awww. bless ur mum's soul.

    i shout like my mum now, yet i still tell her, ''mummy e rora pariwo''. lool
    i cook and clean at the same time.
    i look for something to get busy with all the time.
    i don't take nonsense. lool. equal right advocate.
    i wish i pray as much as she does. help me Lord.

    1. hahaha, love your list Eniola. All of them are wonderful traits. Picture your own children doing same.
      Thanks for your comment dearie.