Monday 30 December 2013

Out and about, Berry's Beach Wedding & a bright 2014

Hello Loviessss,

How have you all been? Sorry about the 10 days of silence. I have had a lot of end of year wrap up to do. How was your Christmas? Mine was spent at home eating like i had been starved the whole year. Lord knows i need to hit the gym fast before i regret

Anyways the last couple of days have been quite eventful, on my way back from work just before Christmas, i parked on the popular Ajose Adeogun Street Victoria Island and took pictures of the nicely decorated street. My plan was actually to take pictures of all the nice streets with christmas decorations but hmm i didn't get round to it :-( Maybe next year by the grace of God.

Some of my friends from Uni were around so we decided to go Salsa dancing. It was so much fun. I am still a beginner; i am sure you can tell. Me dancing with my instructor.

 Nena the Salsa Queen. She doesn't joke when she's doing her thing.

 Tola another Salsa Queen 


 Akome and her dance partner :-)


My darling gorgous Berry got married on the 27th. She had an amazing beach wedding. Bex and i got there late but thank God we made it. It was so much fun.
It was one wedding where the bride, groom and their friends really danced and enjoyed themselves. I wouldn't put up too many pictures here, i'll wait for her to do the post on her blog and you see all the lovely pictures.

 Berry in her grandmother's vintage dress

 Berry & Cakes. Well i am sure everyone knows why cakes is called cakes. For those who don't, he bakes the best cakes ever :-D

 Cakes actually baked the wedding Cake

Power Puff Girls. Bex, Berry, SF

 Gazing into 2014

And mehnnn it looks so

Its been such an amazing year and even though i promised not to do any of the long end of year speeches on my blog, i want to say a very BIG THANK YOU to all my amazing readers who take out time to read every post. 
You are the BESTEST.... Loads of Hugs & Kisses.



  1. It's been an amazing year indeed....and the best years are ahead....

    Thank God for all our achievements so far......

    And Fola, it was nice to be one of the first set of people to feature on your blog...gracias.......proud of you and will continue to be...

    God keep you for us and give you more inspiration to drive your blog and your other interests to the next higher levels....

    Remain gorgeous dear

  2. Lovely pics. Gosh I look fat! Can't wait for all the pictures to come out!

  3. My SF!!! Where have you been? Kept refreshing your blog page. Good to have you back. Love what you wore to berry's wedding. Berry is such a gorgeous bride. Lovely pictures.

  4. I love how beautiful the Christmas decorations/lights on that street looks,sometimes I just have to go past it to see it again. Berry looked so lovely, congratulations to her and I can see you have had a fab holiday, looking good as always, xx

  5. Wow, really lovely pictures. Wish I could say my Xmas has been this fun. Love your outfit to berry's wedding.

  6. Aww lovely pics. I had a fab xmas, thank God for 2013 and we pray for a greater 2014! Congrats to Berry! Awaiting pikis :) a happy new year peeps

  7. Her husband baked the cake? That's so cool. Love the originality of the wedding, can't wait for more pics. Lovely pics girl and I love that print outfit you are wearing. Stunning as always.

  8. Lovely wedding photos.. where is my own rice?

  9. I love weddings, love the fact that its at the beach even more

  10. lovely pics and i couldnt stop smiling at your beginners steps

  11. Love the pics, and your smile too. Wedding cake is lovely.

    Happy New Year darling.

  12. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! I didn't know you had pictures!!!!! Noice :)

    Thanks to everyone :)