Monday 25 February 2013

Gone Natural & Loving it :-)

Hello Loviessss,

Hope we all had a fab weekend? I was home better part of the weekend cos i sensed i was about to fall ill so i decided to take it easy.

A few of my faithful readers(bless you all) have sent me emails and asked that i do a post on my own natural hair and i've finally gotten round to taking pictures (did i mention i am very lazy when it comes to taking pictures?)

Anyhoo, i decided to go natural in June last year and my reason isn't quite different from most naturals; I dislike relaxers. Mine was not the case of the relaxers damaging my hair, (i am kind of blessed with good hair genes from my mum; God bless her soul) it was more about my scalp being too tender and yes i tried texturizers and nothing worked. Also i had issues with my stylists who managed to cut off my own hair whenever they take out my weaves or braids and i ended up with uneven hair and finally, i have terrible dry scalp (dandruff).

Long story cut short, i decided to go natural. My sisters didn't believe me cos i have cut my permed hair in the past to Anita Baker, grown it bla bla bla so they thought this was one of my usual hair tantrums. 

I cannot begin to explain the feeling i got when i took the decision. It felt so liberating. I didn't do the big chop, i just cut off most of the perm and left a bit so i could still work with it as the natural hair is all still new to me. So as it is now, i am still in the transition stage. 

Fast forward to this weekend, I had planned to go to the salon to deep condition/steam my hair but cos of how i was feeling, i decided to do it myself at home. Now most naturals are hair products junkies and i am no exception. I remember when i first decided to go natural, i bought every product i could find. But as always, when you finally understand your hair, you know what products work for you.

I went through a simple process of cleansing/washing my hair, then i mixed my concoction of deep conditioner, organic coconut oil & olive oil. (my hair gets dry so easily so trust me i need all the oil it can take). 

Then i covered it with a plastic cap for about 2hours cos i don't have a steamer at home and allowed my body heat to work its magic. I have heard so many school of thoughts regarding how long you should deep condition your hair for.  Anywhere between 30 minutes - 4 hours is fine. Some people even have it on all night. Well i say whatever works for you.

I then rinsed out with cold water and my hair felt softer than ever. (I hope it lasts). I am actually thinking of deep conditioning every week.

I'll do another hair post on my hair in 3 months to see how natural it looks. I'm hoping the perm would be almost gone by then.

Below are pictures i took from the beginning/process to the end.

Thanks for always reading.


 L-R: Sulphate free shampoo, deep conditioner, extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil.

 L-R: Cleanse/shampoo, Deep Conditioner, Detangler/Leave-in, Shine oil, Styling. The texture my way products are God's gift to my hair. 

The spray bottle: I mix a little water and all sorts of oils in in to spray my hair daily to give it moisture.
Bobby Pins: Natural hair girl's best friend
Combs: Different types
Plastic Cup & Spoon: To mix my concoction for conditioning

 Other products i use: V05 Conditioner (for normal conditioning - smells really nice), Dax indian hemp hair cream, Pure Shea butter, Leave-in & growth lotion

 After washing & applying my mixture of texture my way conditioner, olive oil & coconut oil

                                  Covered with a tight plastic cap

                                  After 2 hours in the plastic cap

                                                Bantu Knot all night

I usually use the hair teeth to help me define where my bobby pins go

Thursday 21 February 2013

Hair Crush

Hello Loviessss,

Today's post is our first on the hair crush column. 

I decided to go natural about 8 months ago and its been one of the most liberating experiences (that is gist/blog post for another day *wink*). 

I do not miss relaxing my hair one bit. There are days when my natural hair has a mind of its own but i am inspired by naturals like the smart and stunning Adepero Oduye. 

Gosh i love her hair so much. She is a natural with a mighty arsenal of styles. And we love that she loves herself. 

My rule for going natural is love your hair, be patient with it and embrace it with confidence.

Here are our top hair do's from her.


Tuesday 19 February 2013

Finally! The Duro Olowu + JCPenny Collection

Hello Loviessss,

Nigerian-born, London-based designer Duro Olowu, one of Michelle Obama’s favorite designers, has collaborated with JC Penny the over 100 year old store.

The collection features rich colors, textures and classic silhouettes. They will be available in JCP stores and online from March through May 2013. 

With prices ranging from $10 to $100, Olowu’s women’s clothing, accessories, do not disappoint. 

Be sure we will bring you his new collection he unveiled yesterday at the London Fashion Week. 

I think the pieces are hot and i can totally see Michelle O rocking every single piece in this collection. Lets know what you think

Thanks for reading.


Monday 18 February 2013

Brushstrokes, Metallics & Camo

Hello Loviessss,

Trust you had a splendid weekend. Its a busy monday already, just thought to do a quick post.

Saw some pictures on the brushstroke, metallics and camo trend decided to put up a few pictures.