Monday 26 September 2011

Man Style i Heart - 1

Hello loviessss,

I'm sure we all had a splendid weekend :-) 

I'm really excited about today's post because i've always wanted to feature this It took a lot of psyching before he allowed me put up his pictures.

We have a couple of men with style we would love to feature so watch this space....... Trust me, these men have added extra to dapper......

Nothing excites me more than seeing a man who understands fashion & understands how the combination of well curated personal accessories can take a tailored look from stiff and corporate to playful and expressive. Nobody knows this better than my uncle dearest. My first 'Man Style i heart'....

He’s one of the best I’ve met at accessorizing a tailored look with creativity and self expression.

You don’t have to break the rules, but you can certainly bend them, at every opportunity… At some point you get to a place where stripes, checks and polka dots cross paths…and it doesn't look so bad.

Here, he shows us how to wear a tailored look with a punch of personality, easy casuals, shoes & accessories that speak in other

I also added a few pics of him wearing trad :-)

The pictures would do the rest of the talking. Enjoy.



                      Not for the faint hearted, luv the colored neckerchief

                The man, his socks & his shoes... Eyes on this pic

                                           Tigers Eyes & the eye

                                                Trad Sturvs


  1. The guy is too much....I'm a guy and i'm speechless. Colors, confidence & class. Have learnt a lot from this post. Thumbs up stylefash25 please more posts on men.

  2. Finally something for the guys. Clearly he's a very confident man, I'm not sure i would be able to pull off some of those combo's but i admire his style. He has a way of making colors that scream look subtle. He also looks detailed. Love his taste in shoes. You've got me glued to your blog. Nice post.

  3. O_O did i just see his stockings matching his shirt?? dang it!....those beige-ish brownish shoes are tricky but he pulled it off very confidently, very nice confident male shoes all through.Boy! does he know how to wear d cravat or whaaat? the black trad is tooooo nice,i just want 2 go pose beside him *covering my face*...i'm zapping all my male friends 2 come here and learn how 2 dress! this is just soo put 2gether..... lovely post *wide grin*

  4. Impeccable style...i like a man who knows appearance matters and takes his time at it.

  5. Colorful guy, appears confident and self assured.Not sure about the socks and the shoes though