Friday 27 July 2012

Scarf Print Fever

Hello Loviessss,

Today's post will be about the scarf print. I know I'm behind blogging about this trend. 
The scarf print has always been around, but it fades in and out depending on who is bastardising it or making it look fantastic :-)

What exactly is a scarf-print, you ask? Simply put, these are silky affairs featuring pretty prints-the kind you'd typically find on a scarf, hence the name-like a swirling paisley pattern or dreamy watercolor floral.

From Alberta Ferretti's - Etro - Zara - Topshop etc the scarf print comes in dresses, shorts, skirts, blouses.

Hope you like? 

Have a chic weekend


Picture 1: Karla's Closet


  1. I love Alicia Keys scarf print shorts and her pumps. She looks very good.

  2. Olive Says

    Hi stylefash, this is one trend that i've grown to like. The scarf print is effortlessly chic. Dressed up or down. Love that you have some pictures with print on print. i've always wondered if wearing that was possible. Nice post. Well done

  3. i love the scarf print floaty and flirty. that curvy girl is rocking the hell outta that dress. *phew!*

  4. *FANNING SELF* Love Love this trend!!