Monday, 23 April 2012

Style Crush???

Hello Loviessss,

Let's take a glimpse into probably the most famous royal sister-in-law's wardrobe. Pippa Middleton (or her royal hotness *wink*) ... Kate's (Duchess of Cambridge) younger sister

Pippa typically opts for the obvious sleek British look, and on her casual days, she is most frequently seen wearing smart trousers, a crisp shirt, and a tailored blazer.

We decided to put up some of her pictures. Lets know what you think of her style - to crush or not to crush :-)  



  1. Not to crush please. Too conservative and typical british boring style. She looks smart though. LOL at referring to her as most famous royal sister-inlaw.

  2. Olive says

    I think she very stylish for a british lady. Very sophisticated and still a hint of sexiness. I actually crush her style. Love all her outfits here especially the first 3 pics.

  3. Did u catch d pipa fever too stylefash? Her style is totally to crush. I think its stylish,chic and comfortable. And comfort is something that's missing in todays fashion.