Friday, 20 April 2012

Interesting Fashion Forecast

Hello Loviesss,

Phewww.....TGIFF(Thank God its friday finally) :-)

I was going through some fashion magazines last night and they got me thinking.... Bloggers have given many lessons on how dressing means making the most unexpected outfit combinations possible. 

Questions like can you wear overalls with pink pumps? Certainly! Can leopard print be paired with neon? Duh, can you wear denim on denim? Most definitely :-) Well thats the beauty of fashion - almost anything goes *wink*

Today we would be looking at some fashion forecasts - from Matchy-Matchy prints - provocative pleats - velvets, sky high slits, Sci -Fi, athletic, eastern inspired designs. 

Its just a forecast, lets see if these styles are here to stay.



- Sci - Fi - Designers are turning to digital prints, gleaming metallics etc. Prepare to enter a whole new galaxy of style. This look does a lot to modernize your wardrobe

- Athletic Inspired Pieces - Mesh, bulky zippers aren't for the track anymore. Celebs are already trying the athletic style. 

- Provocative Pleats - Typically pleats are associated with school uniforms. The classic detail has swept the runways and red carpet in in the form of sheer chiffon, iridescent silks and revealing new cuts.

- Eastern Empire - The look is very interesting from rich brocades to masterfully applied traditional geisha elements.

- Sky high slits - Getting to flaunt your legs & fancy foot wear is becoming a high fashion baller. 

- Off-the shoulder trend - this look has an alluring carefree effect, innocent, feminine & a naughty twist to it.

- Velvety - Velvet is back with a vengeance. Its no longer reserved for the regal. 

- Matchy/Matchy prints- We aren't talking matching red shoes & red bags -eek.
We are talking bold-prints-on-prints. 


  1. Ok stylefash you've finally won me over with this post. I love futuristic designs. I'm so loving the athletic, sci-fi inspired pieces. I think thats what what fashion is about, getting inspiration from the unusual.

  2. Olive says

    Love the brocade on kimono, the sky high slit & pleats are really sexy. Not sure i'm in love with the velvet. The 2nd, 3rd & matchy prints pics are really fashion forward.

  3. love the sci-fi (Robotic) look, still not big on the matchy matchy. Absolutely love Kim's velvet black (she looks stunning btw)and the first photo of the Eastern Empire.. really like that dress
    urmmm................. did i mention Kim's Velvet? lol
    Nice post *thumbs up*