Thursday 5 April 2012

Q & A.......

Hello Loviesssss,

Today i'll  be answering a question from a reader who left a comment on "still in love with my colored jeans"

Q: Hi stylefash, i love me some bright colors but i'm plus size and feel this trend is quite unfair as it is highly partial to the skinny sisters. do u think a fat/big/plus size fashionista can rock this trend? if u do, pls show how.

A: Hi Lade, for a second, i also thought plus size fashionista's could not rock this trend but Celebrities like Khloe Kardashian are all rocking the colored denim trend. (and we all know how photoshop makes her appear slimmer *wink wink*)

Fit is always key-  Opt for stretch or spandex jeans & make sure your fit is sharp! So this way you are not pulling and tugging at your pants all day (you know what I mean!) 
A chic way to wear this trend is to pair it with black, navy & neutrals. A beige blazer would look great with a pair of pink cropped jeans.  Colored denim is also a superb choice for color blocking which is also a popular trend.
Finally and most importantly you should be comfortable and your confidence, boldness of color should reflect your attitude and style!



  1. Yay!! thanks Stylfash! i am totally inspired especially by the lady in pic 2, thats a plus size sister. the others are just big-boned in my opinion (Khloe Odom inclusive). thanks alot.

  2. Hello Lade....LOL @ big-boned. I'm glad you were inspired. Thanks for stopping by. xoxo