Thursday 21 March 2013

Figure Flattering Fashion - Swimsuits for all body types.

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I was watching one of my favorite TV shows, Steve Harvey's talk show; the author of "Act like a Lady Think Like a Man". Its an amazing book and i recommend it for all ladies. That guy understands women so much its scary :-)

Anyhoo to the gist of today. During the show, they talked about different body types and how hard it is to find swimsuits to suit our different shapes.

I decided to a post on our usual figure flattering fashion which teaches us how to flatter areas we are most conscious about.

Hope you find this post helpful.



Quote of the Day: Be ready to go against the wind to rise or succeed; those who are scared never try.

Boyish Shape: The cut out sides gives an illusion of a slightly shapely body. Halter top provides push up for burst.

Flatter your burst: The deep plunge in the picture below enhances burst and the ruffles in the other picture makes the burst appear bigger. 

Hide Love Handles: The print on the side of this swimsuit is placed vertically to visually elongate the side of the body. This does a terrific job in hiding love handles.

Bottom Coverage: If you are conscious of your posterior, these coordinating swimsuit separates helps you rock the piece with confidence.

Hide Tummy: This Fashion forward scarf print swim dress with midsection ruching provides adequate support to help hide tummy area. And the print also does a good job around the midsection.

Minimize Hips: The cut of this swimsuit rides high and cuts appropriately around the lower part reducing the appearance of big hips.

Highlight Curves: If you aren't afraid to show your curves, this piece is for you. Highlights all the areas in a flattering way for your body.

Minimize Thighs & Tummy: This incredible miracle suit has 3 times the amount of spandex of normal swimsuits to help shape, firm and hold upper thighs and tummy. 

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  1. This post is so helpful cos my issue is my love handles. I have always just stuck to a plain black piece hoping it will hide them. Good to know i can rock a print swimsuit confidently.

    1. Hey Lovie,

      Thanks for your comment, glad it was helpful.


  2. Yes!! that info on prints is one in a mil