Friday, 23 March 2012

Style Steal- Cheers to the freaking weekend

Hello Loviessss,

TGIF phewww..... Its been a very hectic week for me as usual, i hope one day i'll be bold enough to resign from my 9-5 more like 8am-8pm and follow my true passion..... Till  How have you all been? Today we would be blogging about some celebrity styles and how to get their look for less :-)

We'll take a look at Gabrielle Union, Solange Knowles & Shy'm. We would try and bring you more style steals from time to time.



                                                         Gabrielle Union
                                          Earrings - River Island £10
                                                 Dress - Topshop £45
                                            Dress - topshop £40
                                                  Clutch - Asos £28
                                             Heels - River Island £60
                                                      Blazer - Topshop £60
                                                    Top - River Island £12
                                              Leggings - River Island £22
                                        Heels - River Island £60
                                                    Solange Knowles
                                                     Earrings - River Island £5
                                                             Dress - Asos £45
                                                 Ring - Miss Selfridge £5.62
                                               Ring - Miss Selfridge £9.32
                                                Bag - Asos £80
                                              Heels - Topshop £85

 Btw, you can get some of these lovely pieces far less in some trift stores *wink wink*

Pic credit: Fab


  1. There's just something about a white dress thats sexy. Love solange's dress too. Anyway, i'm a sucker for dresses. I'm so in love with the rings. The cream top from topshop just £12??? Really affordable. I hope you keep your promise on having posts like this regularly? Nice one

  2. I agree with you 100% stylefash25 on getting things for far less at some trift stores. I got something really close to the ASOS animal print bag for £7, a nice sequined vintage jacket for £5 and lovely rings for 50p at a trift shop in surrey. Okay, i know i'm a cheap skate. LOL. Have a fabulous weekend.