Monday, 26 March 2012

Staples for the working girl

  Hello Loviesssss,

Hope you all had a lovely restful weekend? mine was spent visiting friends. While i was at my friend's, we started talking about how ladies dress to work and i thought i should do a post on some wardrobe staples for the working girl. Trust me, staples get boring but its still important you have them then you can play around with them as much as you want :-) 


       A lovely black skirt that flatters your figure
  The LBD, can be worn with a blazer over it, a shirt underneath or worn alone
 The neutral toned or grey pants are a must have
 Neutral colored or white shirts with ruffles, pockets bows, peter pan etc
          The stripe shirt to add some color
       A pair of comfortable jeans for friday
            Trendy scarf print shirt for friday
                                    Black shoes
                               Brown shoes
                                  A Functional Black bag

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  1. Staples are really necessary for every working girl. Knowing how to Jazz up each staple is important. Love the neutral toned pants and stripped shirt.