Saturday, 19 October 2013

PowerPuff Girls

Hello Loviesssss,

I am not sure i have ever blogged on a saturday...hmm... thinking.

Anyways this time last week saturday, i was excited about meeting two of my blog sisters for the first time. Well i ran into Berry once at the supermarket and we almost screamed the place down. There's just something about the blog world that makes you feel close to certain people even if you haven't met them. 

So I met with Bex of bexluv2dress who also just started her amazing food blog bexcoox and Berry of berrydakara and oh my it was way too much fun. 
We met at the Indian Restaurant Spice Route; in Victoria Island and we gisted like old friends who had been apart for a while and were just catching up. We talked about EVERYTHING you can imagine. 

I remember telling SL about the meet up and when i mentioned all our names BERRY, BEX & STYLEFASH, he said our names sounded like PowerPuff girls...LOL.

We are planning another one soon, something really girly this time, watch this space. 

Thanks for always reading lovies.

Warning: Picture Overload...Hehehe


Quote of the Day: I don't know if i've ever been in a clique but the older i've gotten, the more i've realized what friendship really is - Aimee Teegarden

 Bex arrived first, love her pretty ring

 Starters - Please don't ask me the name, i just know its some Veggie wrap

 Berry joined us a few minutes later. Love her gorgeous earrings

 Placing our order and initial goofing around.

 What we ordered - Briani, Steamed Rice, Seafood Curry, Chicken Vindaloo & some Nan

 Berry's Plate

 Bex's Plate

 My Plate

 The Buddha Statue

 Gisting and gisting about EVERYTHING

 Berry & Bex

 Bex being protected by the Buddha guards

 The really cool table with different spices... Love it so much

4hrs and a few glasses of red wine later...LOL, goofing around in the elevator on our way home. I actually wish i was in this shot. I know you'll kill me Bex & Berry but this has got to be my favorite shot...Hahhaha.


  1. Aww this looks like soo much fun
    It was the same when I ran into msmodish at a shoot
    I think it would be soo cool if we had a proper blogger meetup
    Love the photos

    1. Yes we had way too much fun. I completely agree with you on a proper blogger meet up.

      Thanks for stopping by dearie. xx

  2. ohh you bloggers are annoying and stirring up jealousy in people like us who don't have hobbies like blogging... LOL ( Just Messing with y'all )
    Love Berry's top and earrings, Love Love Bex' pants and the colour as well, Love your neck piece and pant's fitting (Btw, you always always have right fitting bottoms, in jeans, pants and skirts)... Looks like y'all had loads of fun.
    The statue tho...

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment dekems. We might invite you next time...Hugs

  3. funny!!! so, who took care of the bill or was it shared like the american style?...Lol... just curious.

    1. Hahaha... It was shared, don't know if its just the American's who do that though...LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by couz. xxx

  4. this outfit is just so lovly.. u rock... please follow back.. much luv

  5. Thank Dekems! Pants are from Next.
    @ StyleFash, Ye! You posted the last pic after begging. LOL. It's funny what two glasses of wine can do to ya. Can't wait for the next blogsis meet up! Thanks for the mention. Loads of love!

    1. Sowieeeeee you know how much i love you bex...LOL.
      I couldn't resist it.

      Hugs. xxx

  6. u guys had fun. bex and berry must have being on a different planet in that last picture.
    i so so love girl nyt outs.

    1. Haha yes they were. I actually wish i was in that shot. Thanks for stopping by Uchenna. Checked out your blog. Me like.


    This child DID NOT just post that last picture! OMG! You're a jokeeeerrr! You totally set us up! "Enh, do something crazy" and then you posted it.

    Remind me to do it to you guys next time.

  8. first of - I love your hair's' differently. I see you girls obviously had fun. Can't wait to see berry and bex upload their own version of the pictures.

  9. It seems you girls had fun,really nice

  10. I love Indian Food!


  11. The food looks so good...lovely venue!


    1. Yipeee Stella on my blog...hehehe. Thanks for stopping by. xxx

  12. good quality friendships are important, especially after about age 22 after you've graduated. As you need people you can rely on and who would help take you forward. psalm 1:1, proverbs 27:17.
    I mentioned after uni, because most tend to form cliques which dissolves after everyone has gone their separate ways after school.
    As always, you all look good. I bet the food tasted as delish as they looked!

  13. im so envious/......why didnt i hang out with you guys looks like u guys had fun pls invite me next time ...pls wats ure email address hun..........

    1. Hey Alice...Awww don't worry, we will invite you on the next one...hehe. My email address is

      Thanks for stopping by hun.