Sunday 30 June 2013

StyleFashionista - Amaka

Hello Loviessss,

Happy New Month to you. I pray this 2nd half  of the year brings you blessings, joy, peace and fulfillment in all you do.
Yipeee, we got another entry for our StyleFashionista post from the fun loving, hardworking, hawttt Amaka. I am still amazed at how she is able to juggle it all. I call her Super Chic Mum. Did i mention her really cute son? I'll leave you to scroll down and see for yourself :-) :-)
I'll do almost anything to have her tiny waist...Jezzzz...LOL. She has such a sweet spirit and her interview cracked me up big time. 

Thanks for always reading lovies.

Name: Amaka 

Where are you originally from & where do you live currently: I am from the  Coal city. Enugu state and I presently live in d first garden city a little town in  Hertfordshire south of England

What you do for a living: I am a sales consultant and an Entrepreneur. I run and own 

How do you relax/hobbies: Relax hmmmmmm. Until I am in the same league as Aliko Dangote, not sure I can relax. Loll

What inspires your style: My mood mainly inspires my style however over time I have realised that I love elegance and class when it comes to style.

Who is your style icon: I am my own style icon jaree. Unless they have same mood swings as myself.

What's your preference;Ladylike or Boyish: I am a Lady and I love Ladylike dressing.

What fashion item can't you live without: I don't think there is anything I can't live without 

Pumps or wedges: Am I allowed to like both? Love my pumps with dresses and my wedges on boot cut jeans.    *Smilessss*

Are you obsessed with any fashion item in your closet now and what is it: Obsessed? nada. I don't get attached to anything besides my boobs which is attached to me..LOL

What's the most expensive or cheapest fashion item you've ever owned and was it worth it: Most expensive for me will be my Channel bags, in hindsight, I don't think they were worth it.

Bargain: I don't do cheap sweetie, am allergic to cheap laughing hard. Am  Every woman loves a bargain, well I do don't know about you :-) That's where you will find me. As much as I hate the sale madness, I love bargains.  Once i got a designer shoe for £10 in selfridges sales. Lovely right. From £800 to 10quid. That's what am talking about. This just goes to show you that every woman, no matter how wealthy loves a bargain. Quality for less that's what it's called right? :-) :-)

Are you a foodie and what's your favourite food: naaa, not a foodie perhaps that explains my size winks

You are a working mum, how are you able to juggle it all and still look this hot: Super Single yummy mum. My darling I give God the glory because residing in a place like England its only been by God's grace that I am able to juggle and balance motherhood and career, however I must thank my sister (Uju) who has been a great sister and my family for their support. I have an amazing support system that is perhaps how I have been able to manage.

How do you stay fit & healthy: I have never been to the gym ever, so I will say how I keep fit is a combination of my busy lifestyle, forgetting to eat most times (not being a foodie) and perhaps eating healthy. I don't eat Junks or chocolate. Well not really.

What's the weirdest thing I'll find in your handbag: I don't think I carry weird things in my bag, only essentials really. 

Your favourite holiday location: So far, I will say I Love  Tuscany, Florence ,Nice. ( Italy) ,Dubai . I will tell you somewhere I found very interesting in Nigeria just 3years ago, Ado Ekitti, there is a river called Ikogosi, where hot and Cold water meets, how fascinating is that. I took a subject regarding that and I and a few south African  and Greek friends decided to go and visit. We had a ball, so much fun. So I would say that one is memorable for me. 


  1. Hasty ur heels all the way :-)

  2. Wowww the shoes she got from £800 to a 10er? That was a steal. Love her style of shoes. Her son looks so adorable

  3. I like how she looks in the denim and the yellow dress. Her waist is so tiny after childbirth. Well done ma'am

  4. Nice!! I love her dresses, bold colored blazers and shoe choices (even though personally, i'm not much of a peep toes collector)...too mad!
    SF25, good to see frequent posts...very nice!

  5. Sweden with love1 July 2013 at 06:21

    Lovely style. She knows what suits her. Mehn how does she walk in those heels? She is truly a yummy mummy.

  6. Love the yellow floral dress and blazer. Pretty shoes too

  7. lovely shoes Amaka and dont get me started on the waistline, if i can be like this after giving birth, men are all in trouble, lol

  8. she has got amazing sense of style

  9. Elegant style and beautiful smile... There's something strong about a woman confident about her body and image....

  10. Love the denim and tee look on her, very chic. Love her choice of shoes too.

  11. Lovely style. Amazing shoes and sunny personality

  12. Lovely shoes and style. I am loving this new stylefashionista post stylefash. When will you feature me...LOL. Love your blog.

  13. Her choice of shoes are pretty. She knows how to dress her figure. I really like the look with the yellow dress. Her boy is cute

  14. Happy New month to you too! She really has a good sense of style

  15. Thanks for all your lovely comments lovies.