Wednesday 27 July 2011

Holiday Destinations......

Hello Loviesss, 

Been a minute. Was a little ill but i'm back. Now to the gist of the day. 

Exotic, travel destinations!!! Those words set my mind How about you? Do you spend your time dreaming about the next vacation spot, do you look at those tropical destinations online where the sea is an impossible blue & the sand doesn't have a shell out of place? and the sun is definitely shining!!!!

If you are constantly seeking for information on your next holiday then you must be a traveller.....Like Its a total addiction, welcome to the

Most people have a general idea of which part of the world interests them. It would depend on your passion and what excites you or what you want from the holiday. 

Is it going to be a relaxed laid back beach destination, an adventure holiday or a cultural experience, mixing with the locals and & sampling their food, wines or a mix of all of these?

There are loads of wonderful destinations to choose from. The Caribbean's - Nairobi - The Gambia - Sao Tome - Seychelles - South Africa - Spain - Greece - Istanbul - Morocco - Egypt - Dubai - Singapore - Malaysia and the list continues.... Phewwwww

Going on a proper holiday isn't that easy after

Thought i should also share some helpful check lists before you go on your next holiday.

- Decide exactly where you want to go.
- Check holiday destination weather.
- Find and book accommodation.
- Source and book flights.
- Take out travel insurance.
- Check out car rentals and tour guides (Optional)
- Check Visa requirements.
- Apply to get your visa.
- Download basic vocabulary & Phrases (If needed)
- Check & understand currency to your local currency.

Now enough of the gist down to the real business. Pictures, pictures and more pictures of wonderful holiday spots.

Hope you find this interesting & helpful. 


                                                 Nairobi, Kenya



                                                        Amazing Greece


                                            Egypt - Sham El Sheik
                                                    South Africa

                                      MichealAngelo lovely Hotel

                                   Nama Bay Egypt



  1. Cheers very much, I’ve found this info extremely useful

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  3. Feel like a holiday now!