Sunday, 14 July 2013

StyleFashionista - Diana

Hello Loviessss,

Its another beautiful week and we thank God for how far He has brought us. I am so excited about the 2nd half of the year because i know God has really great plans and special blessings for us.

Our StyleFashionista of the week is the gorgeous & graceful Di. I just love her and how effortlessly classy/chic her style is. She is a super hot wife, mom, career lady and runs a business too. One word SuperHotMom; yes its one word :-D

Thank you for your entry Di; loved every bit of your interview.

Name: Hi, my name is Diana/Busola Abel-Idowu....Diana for oyinbos...and Busola for my peoples.....friends call me Bussie or Di for short

Where are you originally from & where do you live currently: I grew up in Ibadan city...I currently live in Essex, England.

What you do for a living: I work as a Portfolio/Programme Management Consultant for my day job....I also have a T-Shirt collection called Words of Wisdom T-shirts, the brand is inspired by the biblical books of wisdom.

How do you relax/hobbies: I'm creative and like to dabble in any DIY stuff...I sew and do a lot of fashion drawing, I'm obsessed with hair and do u -part wigs for friends, I make fascinators and I'm also designing a shoe collection....

What inspires your style: My style is comfortable, colorful and chic....I don't believe in suffering for the sake of fashion...anymore :) style suits my very busy life 

Who is/are your style icons: Currently Solange Knowles ....the sister knows how to stand out in a crowd without looking like she's trying to hard...and also Folake Kuye Huntoon from Style Pantry....her style is an interesting mix of elegant, edgy and colorful pieces. I love StyleFash25 style as well...she reminds of Michelle Obama ....infact I see her dressing Michelle soon

What's your preference, ladylike or boyish: A mix of both, depending on my mood. 

What fashion item can't you live without: emmm, my make up can wear rubber slippers and Ekaette dress, but please don't take my lipgloss and liquid liner away....

Are you a Pumps or wedges kinda girl: I'm a flats kinda more pinchy me

Are you obsessed with any fashion item in your closet at the moment and what is it: A cropped leather jacket from goes with everything from jeans, skirts and even my work wear dresses...and also a handmade leather across the shoulder bag I got from a rather rude trader in Mallorca.....

What's the most expensive or cheapest fashion item you've ever owned and was it worth it: Most expensive is perhaps an orange Louis Vuitton envelop bag I was given as a gift...the bag is almost useless...Cheapest is a shoulder length earring I got on sales for £1, I love them....

Are you a foodie and what's your favourite food: I love, love spaghetti, but it don't love me back...I'm currently trying low-carb meals, hubby isn't too impressed with the broccoli and cauliflower on his dinner plate.....

You are a working mum, how are you able to juggle it all and still look this hot: Prioritizing and trying to work to a sensible schedule...I like to believe super woman exists and I aspire to be her....but you have to know what your ministry is at every phase of your life...right now for me it's being my best as God's child, Kenny's wife and Fife's mum...they come, business and other relationships are fruitful add ons....

What does hubby think about your style and does he pick out your outfits sometimes: He likes my style....he better do...hold on let me ask

What's the weirdest thing I'll find in your handbag: Almond nuts..... my bag is a mobile inspector'll find everything in it...

Your favourite holiday location: Favorite holiday destination will be Naples, Florida....its beautiful, white sand beaches and secluded islands.....I will love to visit Bora Bora soon....


  1. OMG!! Where do i start from? Now, THIS right here in this moment of my life is my definition of style!!! She's so gorgeous i feel like crying!!! Do i begin with her beautiful features (marriage, motherhood have done her extremely well) or her gorgeous buns???
    Her style is FABULOUS! Yes Ma'am! This is how its done! Like too abso-freaking-lutely HOT!
    Her Blazers will be my source of oxygen this week! The pink, green+blue, white, blue+pink BLAZERS OF ETERNITY! The brownish leather skirt!! (though i wont have paired with those boots), that 6th picture is BEAUTIFUL! Omg! i'm done, sorry i seem dramatic but this is me when i'm thoroughly IMPRESSED.
    Go on with your Fab self Mrs Abel-Idowu! WOW!!

    P.S: SF25 pls post my comment and yh, she said you're one of her style icons!! Yay you!.

  2. Sweden with Love15 July 2013 at 01:27

    OMG this is one stylish chic. What!!! I love every single look. Her blazers are doing it for me. He style kind of reminds me of yours stylefash. She's a mom? She doesn't even look it. You used the right words to describe her. From the pictures, I can tell she is graceful. Lovely feature.

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous.
    A definition of a super classy wife & mum...who wouldn't wanna look like this after marriage & having a kid.
    She's an aboslutely strong woman...
    I like how she goes comfy & chic!
    Busola, u're a beautiful & very hardworking mum
    Keep it up
    God bless

  4. Diana Sparkle.... Nice style. Aroks

  5. Love your style sparkle.


  6. Wow! Very fashionable. I like how she mixes family and business.
    Right attributes of a woman.
    Keep working hard the sky is your startig point.

  7. Such creativity in style and that bod? I sure want to look this way when I'm married. Love it, love it, love it !

  8. She is good at what she does... Impressive

  9. This is really nice... "BEAUTIFUL"

  10. Sooo on point.....very nice

  11. She's lookng gorgeous on em,cnt blieve she's a mom,I love her styles;very lovely.

  12. This is so interesting... Illd definitely love to be this stylish even after marriage and kids too... Nice body too :* kissesss

  13. Busola,
    This is a great inspiring interview....loving the way you rock those colourful blazers-the red pants combo is my fave. i have always been amazed how you make your hair yourself...keep it up !!

  14. Cclassy and elegant

  15. Very inspiring lady, her style is effortlessly chic.

  16. Very stylish and classy lady. Her interview personally inspired me. My favorite part "but you have to know what your ministry is at every phase of your life...right now for me it's being my best as God's child, Kenny's wife and Fife's mum...they come, business and other relationships are fruitful add ons...."

  17. Really nice I like her style.

  18. Looking all fab and sexy bussy doll,u look Gr8

  19. Ruby Rose Momma15 July 2013 at 06:16

    Very gracious D!
    Long & Lean & Beautiful!

    Goes to show we can have it sll in Christ: Beauty, Brains & family!

    Keep holding it down xxx

  20. A virtuous woman! ever gracious & pretty- pre, during & post pregnancy! Kenny is sure blessed to have you (tell him I said so hahaaaaa)
    like ur style esp the blazers. lool @ ur lip gloss- very true bcos ur lips never 'run dry'.
    FOC- Come for more lessons on how to 'dress' up ur spaghetti to an irresistible yummy 'fashion'- winks. I really like spaghetti too & yes, all these nuts- almonds, pistachios, cashew, pecans- these are very healthy stuffs- dear readers please eat plenty of nuts o- exceptions if u r allergic to nuts hehheeee but kai u r missin out.
    keep being a sweet babe & a hardworker petal. Little work & plenty mney is wat I pray for allll of us BGG.


  21. I don't know her but these pictures truly show a gorgeous and graceful lady. Love her style, and her choice of blazer are so beautiful. Wow she works and runs her own business in addition to being a wife and mom? Well done ma'am. Lovely feature stylefash and she was spot about you dressing like michelle obama and perhaps dressing her up some day. I say a Big Fat Amen to that.

  22. Fashion sense on point...sense of humor so mild..creative and sexy mum as well...stay fresh..

  23. Class!!!!!!!....absolute class....mum,wife, it all...fam over any other new watchword.keep it up DI...

    Dee dee

  24. Omg, tbh she totally looks classy and stylish! From her jackets, to her boots, down to her jewelries, they all speak 'perfection'. Its a big 'YES' for me!!!

  25. Wow I love her interview. She is such a lovely lady. Her husband is so lucky. Her style and colors classy. And stylefash both of you dress alike and I say Amen to you dressing Michelle Obama some day.

  26. Well done...


  27. I love her style and there's something so calm about her. I don't even know which look is my favorite. Love them all. Yes o, our stylefash would dress Michello O up one day in Jesus name, Amen.

  28. Super classy, gorgeous wife and mom. I am not African so I've often wondered how moms from Africa are able to juggle it all. Diana has taken it to a whole different level. Owning a business in addition to career, wife and mom? Wow. I rest my case :-) She is such an inspiration. As for her style, I can't fault any look. She dresses so appropraitely. I understand your new found love for flats girl. Very Lovely feature stylefash, your blog makes my day anytime I read.

  29. Very stylish. She is slim and knows how to style her body shape. And I love that there's always a pop of color in her outfits. Very inspiring interview too.

  30. Thank you everyone for your kind comments....I better get more colorful blazers:) ...I get skeptical people will think I'm a clown with the amount of colors I wear some times....
    Please don't forget to follow Stylefash25's blog...its my guilty train commute pleasure!!!


  31. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. Thank you Di for being a StyleFashionista Ranger. *Hugs*

  32. Well done Lady Di. I am so proud of you. You are an inspiration to me and other women out there.

  33. I share every1's enthusiasm esp @Lamina's.
    Busola is totally HAWT!!!!!! I would never have guessed she has a child!! she's truly hot, stylish and beautiful.
    Her style looks comfortable and impressive; she's not overdoing anything. she looks so comfortable in her skin.