Tuesday, 16 July 2013

SGD Series Ctd

Hello Loviessss,

Its way past midnight and i am wide awake watching Antiques Road Trip on BBC Lifestyle and blogging. I have tried reaching for my remote control several times so i can change the station to E! or TSN but for some strange reason, i am unable to reach it :-). Surely, no one expects me to move from this precious position on my bed where my laptop is placed on my pillow/my legs...hehehe.

My eyes just drifted to the tiles on my floor and i remembered i had a nice black really fluffy rug on it until a few days ago when i came back from work/prayer meeting and as i stepped into my apartment i felt water get up to my ankle; as always, i thought i was dreaming. I am sure right now you guys are wondering when my posts would be drama free...hahaha. I am wondering when myself...LOL. 
I switched on the light in the living room and my whole apartment was flooded. I also noticed the extension boxes that were exposed on the floor had started sparking. I very quickly called Bashiru and Adamu the night guards to switch off the power from the source. I thought i left my tap running but again, i am too careful to do that; I normally double check taps, light switches, AC's, inverter and all a minimum of 3 times before leaving the apartment. After checking for the leak, we found out there was a burst pipe in the bathroom. Thankfully they were able to stop it from gushing out and then the major work started. We began scooping water out from the apartment and mopping for almost 2 hours. Omo mehnn you don't wanna know the River Niger/Thames we scooped out.
Anyways thats all past now, i have learnt not to worry too much when such things happen because it could have been worse. Imagine if it happened when i was away in Accra????? Hmm the story would have been different. Times like these make me appreciate God's love, covering and mercy over my life. I am indeed thankful He saved me once again.

Moving on to today's post jare; not going to allow the devil steal my SWAG...Neversssss.We would continue the 'Sure Guy Date Series' and my outfit  is a lovely water color/brush stroke print dress that i absolutely love. You can rock this look if he invites you for a function that involves meeting some of his work colleagues for the first time. It could be his boss's 50th birthday party or colleagues baby dedication in church. I also created some other looks you could rock. 

Remember these are just style inspirations or a guide and you can alway jazz up any of these looks to suit your style or totally rock something different. *wink*

We have two or three more posts to go for the SGD series, thanks for always reading lovies.



  1. I loveeeeeeeeeeee this look stylefash and how you styled it. That dress is stunning. *fanning myself* The colors, shoes, bag just too pretty. I want the dress so much. Your sense of humour is on a different level girl. You made me laugh even from a bad experience. I love your spirit and yes o, the devil can't steal your swag.

  2. Uhhhm, Miss SF25. Please return this dress you borrowed since, see how you are posing in it sef. Abeg e don do.

    You won't be my beloved if you didn't come this much drama...I love you like that. Can't stop laughing.

    OK, I confess,you didn't borrow it. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE dash me the dress na....there! I've asked niicely.

  3. Thank God for His mercies! . I love the piEces you put together . My favorite is the dress with the shade of green . Hope a yummy mummy can rock it .

  4. This is a gorgeous look stylefash and the 3 style inspirations you put together are so lovely too. I like that the outfits for this series can be worn by anyone. From plus size-slim chics. Wow you really are a strong lady. I am not sure I would have found humour in what happened to you. I found myself laughing because of how you wrote it. Well done darling.

  5. Stylefash i am coming to steal that dress... I love the colors. And the inspirations you came up with are gorgeous too. Like Umran said, anyone can rock this look.

    As for the drama, thats what makes you thick dearie. Love your blog more with every post.

  6. The colours on that dress is gorgeous and you look great. One of my pet hates is when I have my laptop on my lap sitting comfortably and then realise I have to get up to go use the bathroom or in your case reach for the remote.


  7. Love the dress on you and the colors are so lovely on your skin tone. Hmm i have experienced a flooded apartment once and looking back now, i can only laugh at how i reacted in my confusion.

  8. Sorry love for the inconvenience,which would not stop us from thanking God for his mercies. This dress has my name all over it o! and you know what they say about love in sharing *winks*. I love the collage you put together also especially the green dress, buriful!


  9. I love your blog so much, just stumbled on it through another blog and I've been asking myself where you've been hiding. This is a stunning look and that dress is so pretty. Love the looks you created and my favourite is the black and White wrap dress. Love how witty you are in your blog post. Sowie about your apartment, thankfully you didn't let it weigh you down. I am officially addicted.

  10. water colour prints are bang on trend this season and I love how you paired yours with the blue heels. That dress is so edgy and elegant. great look girl

  11. My favorite look is the black/white dress with any of the stunning pointy pumps, so classy...Your dress, shoes and purse= beautiful combination..Keep it up SF25.

  12. Love this dress dear, so bright and cheerful. We thank God for keeping you safe, xx

  13. Love the colors of the dress - not too bright not too dull. Simple, elegant.

  14. Hnmm stylefash!! Drama Queen 4 life!!!!!!!!!! My guess is that the flood wasn't ankle length joor (Yimuu)... Lol, i'm just tryna make light the situation like you've done already my dear.

    I totally love the outfit but more drawn am i to your lovely straight legs #Nohomo

  15. I really like the patterns on that dress! Gorgeous.
    and I know what you mean when you say you don't feel like getting the remote to switch channels...I'm on my bed with my laptop on my legs as we speak...can't be bothered!lol

  16. I love your spirit, that's how I look at situations, it really could have be worse, atleast thank God you were able to work it out. By the way the dress is very cute, luv how you paired it with a neutral colored bag.

  17. Tell me about it, flooding is a nightmare... the cleaning up goes on for weeks, then dealing with mould as well...
    I love the dress, it's the sort of dress you can dress down and up for any occasion...

  18. awwww so sorry about the leakage,lovely dress by the way and other style inspirations.

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  19. Wow.. girl. I love the dress.. You look so beautiful.