Monday, 29 July 2013

No Title :-)

Hello My Loviesssss,

I am not even sure i know how to start apologizing for being away for the whole week. Hmm i don't know how it happened, but from battling my internet provider's poor service delivery to going on an official trip, i haven't had ONE minute to write here. Anyways i am so excited to be back to my blog world and i really missed you all.

So i was invited to the MTN Project Fame live opening show and it was really fun. Thanks to Ebele dearest, we got VVIP tickets. 
Unfortunately, because it was a live show, we weren't allowed to take pictures but trust me to be gangster and take pictures of my boyfriend the Kurukere master Iyanya perform.  The audience went crazy immediately he came on stage and all their rules were very quickly forgotten. Even the judges all got up to dance and that was the highlight of the show for me because Iyanya is an Alumni of the Project fame academy and i can imagine how proud they felt. He actually won in season one.

Meanwhile i almost fainted from laughter at some of the recorded auditions. One guy actually came on stage, lay down on the floor with a pillow and then started singing Chris Brown's - Don't wake me up in a really terrible voice...LOL That has got to be one of the most hilarious/disturbing performances i've ever seen/heard. All in all, it was an amazing night and the top 14 contestants had absolutely breath taking voices. 

Thanks for always reading.


  Lara & I

 Top: River Island, Ankara Pants made by me FowyFowy, Bag & Shoes Old

 L-R Chioma, Ify, Bellzy

 Nigeria's Queen of dance Kaffy

 My boyfriend Iyanya...Hehehe


  1. Lol...your boyfriend can wine his waist faster than you can....

  2. I missed you too! You have run out of titles again? Y'all be looking like hawt chics. I hope u'd fun.

    P.S: I can't believe you are wearing red lipstick. C'est encroyable! I love it on you.

  3. My stylefash of life, where did you go? I kept refreshing the blog page everyday. You look really nice. Loveeeee the ankara pants and the neckpiece.

  4. Yay SF25 is BAAACK!! We missed you, welcome back!!
    First of all, God forbid that male prostitute Iyanya will be your boyfriend with his dwarf arms, eww!
    Next, were you all really going for the same event (concert/opening gala)? Ify's outfit seems more appropriate for a wedding, Chioma's is best for church and Bellzy's is very club party appropriate. Nice and trendy outfit on Lara (white jeans should be any lady's wardrobe staple). SF25!!!! Nice, nice outfit...the Ankara pants belong to me in my head.
    Overall a nice post, seems like y'all had fun..Kaffy though (lips sealed)..We are still waiting for new posts and those features you promised oh!

  5. SF, stop taking off, I missed you loads. You blog is therapy for me. You all look like you had fun. I like your ankara pants, well cut. Lara's outfit looks lovely too.

  6. Sweden with love30 July 2013 at 06:32

    Welcome back my stylefash. That's a gorgeous look you are spotting. The ladies look good too. I miss naija so much, its shows like this that makes lagos rock.

  7. Sweden with love30 July 2013 at 06:39

    I forgot to add, Iyanya is my boyfriend too. i just love the guy

  8. My stylefash dearest is back. Hmm this post is very interesting, i totally agree with lamina on this one. You all looked like you were going to different events or maybe coming from different places and ended up here. That said, you and lara nailed it style wise. Your outfits were event appropriate. Choima has a really pretty face. Looks like you all had fun. I love love love those ankara pants, shoes and neckpiece. Welcome back girl and pls do not leave us refreshing your blog page everyday waiting for new posts. Hugs.

  9. You all looked like you had fun and I can only imagine how funny the guy with the pillow must have been.

  10. Welcome back baby... you look gooooood mehn
    Spot on! @Lamina. I cant even say more.

  11. Love your pants babe!

  12. Love your pants babe!