Monday, 5 May 2014

My Make up Purse + OOTD

Hello Loviesss,

How are you today? so this past weekend was meant to be really fun, i was supposed to hangout with my friends Berry & Bex on saturday but got terrible food poisoning and couldn't go out that night. It's been so difficult coming together because of how busy our schedules have been lately but we made up our minds we would make this night out happen; but alas, i spoilt it with my food poisoning. So sorry my loves.

So before the whole health drama, i left the house on a mission to buy a nice concealer for under my eyes because i noticed really dark circles since i started wearing my glasses frequently.

 Anyways i went to House of Tara (Lovely place and very nice and relaxing ambience) and i had a mini makeover. Mini because i think you have to pay to get a proper one done. I am no make up guru and any time i even remotely try to do my make up 'properly' i end up looking like weelii-weelii; remember my make up of life in my hair post?...LOL.

I enjoyed the experience and the lady who did my makeover was really good. Though i ended up spending more than i planned to and still looked like i had little or no make up on :-( perhaps i expect too much from this make up thing sef. 
Anyways, i liked my look because i learnt some new tricks and i can make it my everyday look.

What do you think?

I got the concealer or corrector as they called it, Sunscreen pressed powder, foundation, Pink lip stain gloss, lip pencil and maybelline kajhal.
Oh, my nice Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Rose perfume was a gift from my darling big sis.
 For my outfit of the day, i kept things simple in a nice blush pink peplum top with bow detail paired with a black skirt and pumps and black Mcqueen bag.

Thanks for always reading lovies, have a fabulous week.



  1. I think you look good, the make-up soft and lovely:)
    Love that dress and your hair

  2. That's how make up is supposed to look soft and natural. you look really good. i love the ootd too. Simple yet chic.

    Healthy hair tips @

  3. Sweden with Love5 May 2014 at 09:29

    Kai SF you wont kill me. Weelii-weelii when last did i hear that lol.

    You look really nice dear the make up is subtle and suits you. I guess you wanted smoky eyes or more eye color.

    Your outfit of the day is so nice. Lovely top. That Mcqueen heroine bag is just it.

  4. I looooove the make up ! That's the way I love to have mine done simple and beauTiful and youR outfit is great.Nice braids too

  5. The top with the bow tie gives LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!