Monday, 26 May 2014

Earth Tones + Late Post

Hello My Loviessss,

How have you all been? From the bottom of my heart, i apologize for staying away for one whole week. One day very soon, i shall be my own boss and 'control' my time.

So today's post is a quick one because i have a boring meeting in the next hour and i need to go prep for it.

For my outfit today, i woke up completely brain blocked about what to wear this morning. I remembered this earth tone top i bought randomly from the mango store at the Palms Lekki and this lovely Dorothy Perkins skirt that can do me no wrong. Love the midi length, the slight cling and the print is just absolutely lovely. I also threw on my champagne pearls to complete the earth tone look. What do you think? 

 Remember how i said in my last post that i'll try and do more fun stuff? Well Berry ( invited me for the magazine launch of Savvy & Chic. She told me last minute as usual(don't know why she does that; very and she knows i would not have moved an inch if i hadn't made a promise hangout and do more fun stuff. 
I met some bloggers and hmm i honestly do not know why fellow fashion bloggers 'form'. How do you explain being happy and excited to meet a fellow fashion blogger and the person just acts all cold. Oh well maybe i was too Its just blogging, you aren't a celebrity or anything haba. Anyways let me keep my mouth shut cos its not my blog style to talk about people. 

The event was quite nice, berry and i left early so i didn't have too many pictures. And oh, there was a theme; that explains why chloe of chloemakeovers is all dressed up.

Meanwhile i was in my office sometime last week, guess who walked in? the kokomaster I had a meeting with him and didn't even know he was the one i was meeting because all along, i had his real name in my filofax and not Dbanj. The meeting went really well and
trust me to famz, take pictures and do groupie of life after we signed the deal. Even my boss was all smiles. Dbanj is actually a very serious minded business man, no jokes at all when he signs And very humble too.

Thanks for always reading my lovies. Got to run off now for my meeting.



  1. Sweetheart you look gorg as always, love your outfits, my favourite is the blue trousers and the floral top, abeg no vex for those fashion bloggers wey dey form lol chai some babes sef, me I cant wait to see u oh


    Dear everyone, the reason why I'm with madam here, is because she always stands me up! ALWAYS! And then the one time that she wanted to hang out, it was last minute and I was working late... sooooooooo I've learned from her!


  3. Oh and the skirt is very pretty. And the top and necklace go very well with it.

    Yoohoo Dbanj, how far now? ;-)

  4. stylish as ever

  5. www.eniwealth79.blogspot.com26 May 2014 at 07:31

    I love your outfit, I want your skirt! I scrunched my nose reading about some fashion bloggers that form, for why nah? Glad you had fun irrespective of their coldness. I sometimes feel over friendly too. I can imagine how awkward I would feel if I'm to have a meeting with dbanj. John Fashanu was in my office the other day, I almost peed in my pants. LOOL. Have a blessed week dear.

  6. Lol. Witty posts as usual.

    I love love love your first & second look... I want that Dorothy Perkins skirt so bad.

    I can see your boss wearing d'banj's neck-piece...Lol

  7. Your outfit is lovely and sophisticated. I truly adore the pearls I might just have to get something like that:) I am glad you had fun at the event and it is good to know you are down to earth, hopefully I get to meet you soon. Lucky you meeting with Dbanj, xx

  8. I love your skirt! love the print also. the colours suit you well :))

  9. Re your one week are forgiven..LOL.

    Pencil skirts suit you anytime anyway, so I'm not surprised this does as well :)

    Nice subtle color combo.

  10. Love the outfit, esp the skirts. looooling at bloggers forming so funny.

  11. Lovely outfit. The skirt is so fine

  12. i really like dat skirt, plus u combined it so nicely wit the top.
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