Monday, 12 May 2014

Peaches and Floral + Thoughts on Wealth Creation

Hello Loviesssss,

So i just realized this last weekend that i have been living a very boring life for the past 2-3 months. I haven't had any fun outing, i have been focused on just work and it isn't funny at all. 
What i have also come to realize is whatever you do not create time for you would never have time for. 
So i have decided that there are certain things i must create time for no matter how busy i am. 

The list looks very dry sef. 

- I would try and go to the movies once every 2 weeks

- Do more window shopping in lagos; i have been so focused on shopping whenever i travel that i have almost missed out on a lot of fabulous designers we have. I've visited Grey Velvet and Le'space a few times and i haven't been disappointed in the things i bought from them.

- There is a new resort i heard about - The Omu Resort at Epe, i plan to go there this month and just shut everyone out.

- Call my friend PJ of theservicecritic and do my tag along when she goes restaurant critiquing. 

- Make sure Berry, Bex and i have our fun hangout.

- Make sure i go back to the gym and make my routine consistent.

- Make sure i get my 2 weeks leave approved at work. I need a proper vacay before i bite someone's head off at work.

- Do a comprehensive business plan for my business.

So i woke up a little gloomy this morning and after my prayers, i thought to myself nothing a bright colored skirt and floral print blouse won't fix..hehehe. It worked, cos i am in a much happier mood.
That reminds me, i was thinking recently about Dre and how he has joined the league of Billionaires globally by getting $3 Billion for Beats. Chei derisss God ooooo....LOL.
Everyone has been saying how lucky he is. Well unfortunately i do not believe in luck. 

I have come to a conclusion that Wealth is created in the past.

Every successful person you see out there today has spent time sowing seeds in the past. No one saw the days when Dre had the vision for the business, the sleepless nights he had just trying to birth the idea and all the hustle.

If you want to be successful at anything, start sowing the seeds today. 

I was talking to my friend Ngozi of dressed about how we haven't seen each other or chatted in a while and she told me she has been so busy with putting her online fashion store together and trying to push her brand out there on various online platforms. When her business booms in future, no one would know all the hard work she has put in.

The day you had the that Bankable and Investable Idea in your head and actually started taking baby steps, gathering information about the business, getting your business plan done, looking for investors if necessary, starting small from the boot of your car or displaying your items on your BBM profile picture is the day you created wealth.

I wish us all the best in all our endeavors, I am off to start creating my own wealth.

Have a fabulous week ahead my lovies.



  1. You know I like to write in points, so here goes...

    #1. You know for sure that the reason you feel happier is because we've been chatting on Whatsapp (no, Bex didn't contribute to your happy - just me)
    #2. I like the bright skirt, but can't pull it off for my weight :(
    #3. Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Google and co all stole their ideas from me.

    #Justsayin #Okbye

    1. Berry Yes were to only one who contributed to my happy... Mrs. Pharell Happy...hehehe.

      You better get on the bridal thing we talked about. You have already started creating wealth unknowingly.


  2. www.theservicecriticng.com12 May 2014 at 05:49

    Hmnnn, remember when i'd tease you endlessly about your life being about work, work, work?! I am glad you finally understand why I do it!
    Even this you fun list sef get as e be.

    I will edit your list to include
    1. going dancing. Y'all need to see Miss stylefash 25 shake dem hips.

    2. RELAX! Life will not end when you are NOT a workaholic.

    3. On your next holiday, get some adrenaline rush! I.e Bungee jumping, zipline slide, kayaking, sky diving etc.

    4. Liveeeeee! Style fash live! YOLO.

    5. Yes, you know restaurant reviews with you is always fun.

    You know how much I love you right? Just incase it skipped your big head. Xoxo.

    1. Cheiiiii, PJ has exposed me oooo. But on a serious note, you are so right. I plan to do some adrenalin buzzing activities on my next trip. But trust me, sky diving isn't for me.

      Babe are you sure we are both virgo? Your adventurous side beats mine hands

      Love you right back and can not wait for our restaurant review.

  3. Hmmm some inspiring words to kick off the week.

    Great plans you've got and God guide you so you can accomplish all that you desire to do.


    1. Thanks Tbabes; actually had you in mind when i did this post, God continue to bless you big.


  4. and your outfit....the skirt i really like it!

  5. I love your outfit. it obviously uplifted your spirits.
    hmmm, that thing about creating wealth. I've been thinking o, since d days of davido's ''ol e u'' - that's how d boy pronounced it, he boldly declared that ''now he's 19 and he's richer than some of u, ol e u''. And here I am unable to at least sing to save my own life. lol. Fola it is well. a pleasant week in Jesus name

    1. Hahhaha, don't worry Eniola, singing isn't for all of us. Thanks for commenting lovie. xxx

  6. I love your skirt so lovely especially the color

  7. Stylefash, New Years resolution in May? Lol! Inspiring success stories, my take on that is to go for what you want there would always be people saying you can't do it.If Graham Bell had listened to his critics, mobile telephony as it is today may never have existed.Keep it up stylefash.

    1. HAhahaha not fair o, i can do my new years resolution

      You are spot on with going with your gut and listening more to the 'can do' people and not 'cant do'

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  8. I love your outfit so pretty and ladylike. I think you have a nice list and then when you have accomplished those things you can work your way to better things. I also love the insight you shared on creation of wealth. Note to self: the time is now. We all need to stop waiting for the perfect time and just start something already. Anyway I am back to blogging now and have a wonderful holiday post please check it out:

    1. Yipee Tonkanbelle is back. Aww thanks babe. We missed you in the blogsphere.

      I like your note to self: The time is now.


  9. Hmm,really something to think about. Your outfit is lovely,most especially that peach skirt ♥

    1. Thanks for your comment and stopping by Ronii. xxx

  10. You look very nice hon. I know how you feel, about wanting to just go away fsome times...I think you need me in your life! :P I'll be in Lagos soon, if you want to go out to the movies/lunch/dinner/anywhere fun, let me know. I'll HAPPILY tag along as I need some fun in my life too *sigh*.


    1. I would so love to hook up lovie. Please send me an email on and we'll take it from there.

      I am already so

  11. First time commenting.
    I really like your blog and this particular write up.
    But these Nigerian stores are alarmingly expensive biko.
    Your gyming is strictly for fitness i presume.
    Keep writing, you have a blog with a difference.

  12. I agree fully! First time on your blog and like it. I am one of those who believe there is a place for hard work, smart thinking and then the all important favor which is better than a million years of labor but as you so aptly put it, you sow the seeds now!

  13. Hi SF. Long time... i missed your space.
    So, i have been refreshing your page hoping for a new post :(
    Please attend to us ASAP!

  14. Wow! thanks for the mention sis! we are looking forward to hammering like Dre