Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Maxi Dress

Hello Loviessssss,

Its been a minute since my last post, hope you've all have been good? 

For today's post, i am wearing one of my favorite maxi dresses i got a while ago. I personally think every girl should own one in her wardrobe. The versatility and chic look it gives when dressed up or down can't be over emphasized and might i also add that for those weekends when you sort of have a brain block on what to wear, you most likely wouldn't go wrong with a maxi dress.

For my own outfit, i dressed up mine with a white blazer and when i was done with my function, i took off the blazer and wore an easy pair of slippers and went about my busy day on the streets of lagos :-)

What do you think about maxi dresses generally? Are they a life saver or can you do without them?

Thanks for always reading lovies.


Maxi Dress: Really Old; don't remember
White Blazer: Gap
Nexkpiece: Chic Accessories
Wristwatch: Rado

Personally, i feel the maxi dress can be worn by anyone from slim, tall, plus size, petite etc. There have been some school of thought that petite chics shouldn't wear the maxi dress. I beg to differ;  i feel once you get the colors and length right, it can be pulled off. I have put together some pictures of various ways to wear the maxi dress. 

Photo Credit: Stlebistro, NuSophisticate


  1. I like maxi dresses. They have to be the right length though for shawties like me. And I do like that they can be dressed up or down, by just switching shoes and accessories.

  2. Sweden with love13 August 2013 at 02:38

    Love the colors on your maxi dress and like how you jazzed it up with the white blazer. I also like Kourtney's look, this shows that petite girls can swing the maxi dress too if worn right.

  3. I love maxi dresses too and it looks so good on you fredaidehen.blogspot.com

  4. Love the length and Color of your maxi dress. Also like how Nicole Richie's and kourtney's wore their's. Hmm btw stylefash where do you shop?

  5. That's a really lovely maxi dress you have on. Love how you paired it with the white blazer and how it went very easily from dressed up to down. I am new to your blog and I love what I've seen so far.

  6. I love Kelly's look the most, love Kourtney's too. I really like the patterns on yours and that white blazers touch is very chic. Personally, I LOVE ADORE MAXI DRESSES!!! I think they are such subtle, sexy outfits that forgive all diet sins and body structure fault when wore right and with the right amount of charisma and confidence.
    As usual, nice post!

  7. the dress on you really looks good!

  8. Love your maxi babe!