Monday, 26 August 2013

StyleFashionista - Edyth

Hello Loviessss,

Cheers to the new week... I hope we all had an amazing weekend? Do you remember i told you we had a concluding part to our last post? Today's stylefashionista is someone whose style i truly love; she is one person who rocks any look she decides and she not only rocks it, she owns it. She plays very easily with vintage and masculine inspired pieces and always looks effortlessly stylish.

Well without further ado, i present Edyth Schandorf the style chic of

Name: Edyth Schandorf

Where are you originally from & where do you live currently: Originally from Ghana & currently living there.

What you do for a living: HR Personnel by book, part time philanthropist and blogger.

How do you relax/hobbies: The one thing i love to do to relax is walk on the beach but i don't get to do so as often so i replace it with sleeping.

What inspires your style: anything and everything inspires my style. random people, blogs pretty much anything that appeals to my eye and innate creativity.

Who is/are your style icons: My other half is my style icon.

What fashion item can't you live without: I cant live without jewellery, rings especially.

Vintage or Contemporary: I'm an all rounder, although i am recently falling more in love with vintage.

What's the most expensive or cheapest fashion item you've ever owned and were they worth it: cant honestly tell, half the stuff in my wardrobe now are thrifted so they're pretty much cheaper than the usual, but they're all deifinitely worth it.

Are you a foodie and what's your favourite food: Not a foodie. I'm a dessert person. I'd have waffles everyday if i could.

How do you stay fit & healthy: I'm very far from a healthy person to be honest. I pretty much each whatever i feel for. I'm trying to drink a lot more water though lately.

What's the weirdest thing I'll find in your handbag: the weirdest thing you'll find in my handbag? hmm im not sure if you'd think its weird but i have a lot in my bag; socks, toothpaste, shampoo, knickers, even laundry soap so i dont know, maybe thats weird?

Your favourite holiday destination: favourite holiday location would definitely be Singapore for now but ill definitely love to visit Geneva.

Thank you Edyth for a wonderful interview, loved every bit.

Thanks for always reading lovies.

Have a fabulous monday.



  1. Her style is pretty great! Love her bald, bold look- very cute! You have to have a nice shaped skull to rock that.
    I love most of her outfit choices save for picture 2 and the last two. but she works well with what she has. Nice!
    P.s: Happy birthday SF25!!!!

  2. Love her preppy look,inspired much!

  3. Sweden with Love27 August 2013 at 01:28

    I love the androgyny look. She really knows how to rock and on her look. I like

  4. Couldn't even pick my favorite look. She nailed all the looks. But i like the one with the pocket square.

  5. She looks comfy in her skin which to me is very important. She's very brave sha o with the morow morow look, I don't think I can pull that off!! How r u doing btw Stylefash?

  6. I love the masculine aspects of her outfit! & that jumpsuit is beautiful!!