Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Gentleman Returns - GuyFashionista - Allen Coleman

Hello Loviesssss,

I am so excited about today's post because our Gentleman Returns column is back with a bang; and I have the pleasure of introducing the very stylish, spiff & 'satorial' gentleman behind

You know how we all (well i do) imagine if we could be one person for just one day... From the Princess of Cambridge to Beyonce etc. Well if i were a boy, even just a day, i will definitely be Allen Coleman.
There's this edgy coolness about his style, elegantly tailored and his name is synonymous with effortless style. 

In a suit or t-shirt, Allen looks impeccable and i personally love his attention to detail. Okay okay okay enough of the plenty talk, without further ado, (drum roll) i present to you my blog brother- Allen Coleman.

Name: Allen Coleman

Where are you originally from & where do you live currently: Originally from Ghana and currently living there as well.

What you do for a living: I am financial analyst during the day and an evil blogger at night lol (just kidding )

How do you relax/hobbies: I stare at photos on end , it calms me. I love music when the right music is loud , anywhere.

What inspires your style: Simplicity , i believe if someone has to try hard to  understand whatever you put out then its simply not effortlessly elegant enough . And simply elegant is my style , from furniture to food .

Who is/are your style icons: My mum, Clark Gable and anyone who doesn't dress like Will.iam

What fashion item can't you live without: A shirt, Jesus wont like me walking around without a shirt.

Vintage or Contemporary: None of them, i tend not make choices that put me in a box.Outside the box is my terrain , the sun is generous here.

Are you obsessed with any fashion item in your closet now and what is it: My double monk strap shoes! 

What's the most expensive or cheapest fashion item you've ever owned and were they worth it:  Most expensive? don't think i own anything expensive . Cheapest? that's my lane . I got a card holder for less than a dollar , i love it but i havnt got any cards in there so far.

Are you a foodie and what's your favourite food: I love food!....if i have a favourite then it totally disqualifies my addict status . I love food that plays between sweet and spicy.

How do you stay fit & healthy: I run when i can t stay fit and the Saturday morning basketball game with the boys never fails to work a king. 

Your favourite holiday location: South Africa!

Btw, there's a part 2 to this interview, be sure to check again on monday next week for the concluding part. 

Thank you so much Allen for making out time from your very busy schedule for this interview.

 Have a fabulous Monday Lovies.



  1. heyyyyyyyyy! He is slaying every single look!
    He looks really nice. I'm not totally feeling the one with the green stockings though, but you know, whatever..
    Ghanaians are FINE though!

  2. He killed every single look. Jezzzz the guy is fynnnnnnn. My favorite looks would have to be the first and the one in cream trousers and floral print shirt. *Fanning Self* Phew. Nice Post stylefash

  3. Smoking hot... Okay stylefash, what is your intention? I am at work pls...LOL. Like you said, his attention to detail is something else. Look at his tie pin. Excellent style.

  4. You described him well stylefash. Impeccable is the best word that describes his style. He exudes a lot of confidence too. Now to the real comment, can i please just marry him?

  5. Finally stylefash the gentleman returns column is back. That was how I found your blog in the first place. Okay, to the post, I am a guy and I have to say the dude is on point. I have learnt a lot from this post. Pls more on the gentleman's column, its very refreshing.

  6. totally love a guy that has sense of style.

  7. Love the cut/fit of all his clothes and every single look exudes effortless sophistication.

  8. I am not a male style guru but this guy wears his clothes confidently. I love that he embraces colors too. Hahaha @ anonymous that wants to marry him. Stylefash your blog will soon be like Linda ikeji's were everyone wants to marry. Nice post dearie, well done.

  9. I love his style and the way he pieces his outfits together. Really confident and stylish guy.

  10. NOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very good post. I laughed at his colorful socks, because I always make fun of my fiance's colorful socks. But this guy makes it look good.

    *it's Berry* I don't have energy to login.

  11. Very nice post! More men should pay attention to detail when getting dressed. This guy sure does. Some of his looks are quite over the top though, but i have to give it to him! He has the best blazers man! His shoes, pins and other accessories are just dope! he also has a nice body to go with it all!! he deserves an A*!
    Thank you for this post SF25 and more of this please! Help the style-clueless men!!!

  12. LOVE his style! This is probably one of the best I've seen! It's so inspiring! :)

  13. Cool post, his style definitely brings out his confidence!